42 thoughts on “Assignment #11

  1. No I didn’t give up. Well me and my mom made a yard sale and we did not get a little money.

  2. One thing I have bought is candy. A thing that i have sold is liminade .I have gave up my skateboard for a pair of skates.

  3. One time I bought a small gum ball machine and I got it for 5 dollars and I ate one and sold ti for 10 dollars. One time my friend had bought this brand new toy and I broke it and I had been saving up fro a skateboard and I had to by another one for my friend and I was so very mad and I never got one.

  4. I had to give up my doll house for 21 dollars. The other person had to give up 21 dollars for my doll house.

  5. the other person had to give up money. you benifit by first buying somthing and then by saying your done and you give them money they give money back.

  6. I have sold some stickers and bakugan before. My benefit from the sale was very good but then I stoped.

  7. I HAD TO TRADE MY XBOX360 TO GET THE MONEY AND BUY A MIRROR. And they traded me 150dollars for it.

  8. I bought a coloring book when I was small and I grew more so, I had to give it up and give it to my little cousin. It cost $1.00 , I gave it to him four $2.00.