Welcome to our blog!

This will be our new fifth grade blog!

Most of you who have been here know how to use the blog. For those of you new to Oak Ridge, here is a short explanation of how to get around in the blog, and how to leave a comment:

You have two things to do:
1. To start things off, please answer the survey below (don’t forget to click the submit button in the form):

2. Send me a comment telling me your thoughts about writing on a blog. Make sure you follow the rules about using language suitable for school. You can criticize, but please be constructive. If you don’t like, tell me why.

45 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog!

  1. i like going to the blog because we could play games but i think that we should play mathgames.com

  2. I like to write on the blog because it go faster now and it fun to write on it now and I’m use to it

  3. I don’t feel really feel good about sharing stuff on the computer when other people can read it.

  4. I really don’t feel good about sharing stuff on the computer where other people can read it.

  5. I like to blog because you get to talk to people .But also other people can see what you write.

  6. I like the blog because you can write a nice letter. Also you can meet someone nice to you at all time’s.