15 thoughts on “Cooperation Lesson Two

  1. They had alot of coopertation in the video and they wern’t talkin about war and his opponet

  2. Cooperation is good in elections so people can vote for them . And it’s bad in a way because they can be dirty .

  3. Cooperation is when you work with each other. It is good because oboma said you can do it that means when they were saying yes we can its when you can do any thing .

  4. Cooperation is teamwork.Teamwork is good for elections because you can help each other.

  5. Cooperation is good in election because people will help you and support you in the election. Cooperation is bad in election because sometime it well get you into trouble.

  6. Yes it is good to have cooperation in a election because it make people trust you but sometimes it isn’t good to use it in some of them.

  7. Whats good about cooperation is that there could be some good things in things in this world. The bad thing about cooperation is that be people will cooperate with you and then will just get you to do there dirty work.

  8. comperation is good because it could keep people safe.
    And the other stuff could be bad. And it could kill peole.

  9. Cooperation is great because some times they will be bad or good f0r some things that will help.But you have to be a good person.

  10. I think cooperation in election is cool because cooperated is like winning.And cooperation is cool for election.

  11. Cooperation is good because you can not get smart without cooperating with each other.If you cooperate goodly you may be elected for something.

  12. I think cooperation in election is good because without people showing cooperation people wold be saying bad stuff to each other.
    i think in the first video is mainly talking about Obama and and that they can