Heritage Lesson 1: What is culture?

Your assignment will be to get information about your family and culture that you will then turn into a poem. You will need to get at least three items for each section. Here are the topics:

  1. Family: You will need to tell me three different things about your family. What’s important to them? What are they like? Who are some of the members of your family? Tell me something that is interesting about your family, and try to include information that will give some information about the larger culture your family comes from.
  2. Place:  Where have you lived? Where does your family (your parents, your grandparents, etc.) come from? What places do you hope to go in the future? Describe where you live.
  3. Food: What foods are important in your family? Are their foods and meals that are important in the culture you come from? What does food or some foods mean to you and your family?
  4. Experience: What things have you experienced in your life? What cultural experiences have you had?

Please send me a comment answering ONE of these now, and include ANY questions you have about what you will be doing. I will expect you to start answering ALL of these the next time we meet. You should take home a paper list of questions, and ask your parents or other relatives to help you by sharing information (like where your family is from) to help you answer them.

44 thoughts on “Heritage Lesson 1: What is culture?

  1. my mom and dad are from San Jose De Gracia,Jalisco and my sister is from Cuernavaca and i am from Los Angles.

    • @Jhisell S., Oh yeah my family is from Cernavaca and do you have a favorite animal.I don’t like the place Salvadorian okay.

  2. I did not know where did my parent come from.But I know that my grandparents came from Thailand

  3. My family is from Thailand they lived like near a lake in a big house and when i grow up i want to go to LA or China.

  4. Some members of my family is Adam Alberto Jay Ahmad that is all my family of the boys all the girls is Sarah Elisa Noami and my Mom and me

  5. My family has a tradition every year to get two papers and write what we did wrong in the past on one and what we hope for in the future.

  6. My family is philpens and they have a very good culture and when we celbrete our culture,Like when we have 4th of july we stay in the house and watch fireworks shoot up in the air.When its christmas we have a party with the whole family in hawii.but there are diffrent ways to celebrete our culture its very fun.

  7. what is important in my family is life. they are a close family.
    some of my family members are Danny, Angel , Erick

  8. I was born in Washington with my mom. my family has a tradition every new years we eat gumbo like a family.

  9. What is important to my family is there job .My mom is skinney so is my dad.My brother Efrain my 2 sister Lizeth and Iris.

  10. the three different things about my family is that they wear different clothes, food, and culture. The most imported thing to my family is the culture they do when its the after noon until night.My family is like people who lives in houses that are made of straws and gos hunt for food to eat or go to the store then gos buy some fruit also veggie’s. Some of my famliy members is Rambow,Chewy,kimberly, julie,cindy,jhony, and abraham.About my family that is cool when we have a bad ghost that is following us we do this thing that helps us keep safe and that the ghost well not come.

  11. My family is from Mexico I’m from Sacramento. My family top food is tamales.my family is very kind.some of the members in my family are my mom my dad my sister Mari my brothers Kevin,Jr,and Carlos

  12. My Dad was born in Africa and my Mom was born a native American he I was born here in Sacramento.