Perseverance: What does it look like?

My creation

Today, we will look for pictures that show perseverance. We will be using the photos to make our own

Here are pictures that are tagged “perseverance”. Because it’s an unusual word, there aren’t a lot of great images. Most of the images (like the one above) that students have used, were found using other search words.

Please create your own search by going here

  1. Log into Flickr;
  2. Pick something you think shows perseverance (like sports, or an activity) and type that word in the search box;
  3. Or, use one of the synonyms you found last time;
  4. Make sure that you check the box for Creative Commons and Modify at the very bottom, before you click on Search;
  5. Click on the Favorite star at the top left of pictures you think you will use.

Number 4 is important. If you favorite a picture that we don’t have permission to use in the poster (it doesn’t have a Creative Commons license), it won’t work when you try to make it, and you will waste time. I will be looking through what you have favorited and will remove photos that don’t have a commons license.

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