Perseverance: Adding words to a picture

Today you are going to work on a sentence to describe the picture you picked last time.

  1. Look at your picture in the slideshow above, if you don’t find it, you made a mistake, and will need to go back and redo the last lesson. Make sure that you choose Creative Commons for your images.
  2. Write a sentence as a comment that describes the picture.

50 thoughts on “Perseverance: Adding words to a picture

  1. Perseverance in this picture to me is sharing and caring because all kind of people work hard to be a team

  2. Perseverance is that they kept trying and didn’t give up on the carving on the banana.

  3. In this picture to me it shows perseverance because they are working together as a team and trying hard to get it right.

  4. Its a important thing you graduate because if you want a good life,career,and many other stuff then you cant skip high school.

  5. It is important to graduate High school because you will have a good career and have a great future ahead of you.

  6. It is important to graduate high school because you can have a better life,job,and have fun.