Taking a Stand: What are Rights?

Right: The moral or legal entitlement or ability to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way. Something you may do if you choose.

Please share one right you think children should have. It could be a right you already know you have, or one you think children should have, but don’t.

51 thoughts on “Taking a Stand: What are Rights?

  1. The that right children should go to a better school and starts between 8:00 and 10:00.

  2. I think that children should have always have the right to have a loving family that cares about them.

  3. ummm i think that kid should have the right to have a better life as in having education for the future.i also think that kids should also have shelter to be warm and not get sick and die..(^_^)…hehe

  4. I think the child labor right is good because kids have to go to school and they have to get their education . If children had to work all day , what would happen to them in the future ? the adults would become lazy, then they would force their child(s) .

  5. I think we should be able to vote because I think some kid are mature enough to vote and make a good and right chose of kids who who could vote on thing like president or thing like prop 23.

  6. I think a kid should have a right to be respected.also to have a home to be warm and to have food.Also to have a good education and be someone in life.

    • 1.The first right i think people should have is the right to have a family.I think that because its not fare to not have parents while the other kids are enjoying their parents while the the kids who don’t have parents look at them.

      2.The second right is that Mexican people should have the right to be in the United States.they should be in the united states so they can have a better life.

      3.The third right is that all people should be nice to each other.this is important because if there is no respect in people there will be lots of fights and other things that can be worst.

      • There are so many reasons people should have rights.These are some reasons why rights are important.These are 3 reasons why rights are important.These are some rights that i think people and kids should have.

  7. The kid haves the right to have a house.The kids also need to go to school. They also need food to live and not to die. :p

  8. People have the right to do there own work at there own house. Children can do all there work at there own house if they want.

  9. A kid should have the right to to be treated fair and be treated with respect.They should also have the right to have a education and have a career ahead of their lives.;]

  10. A kid should have the right to vote and become president. Also they should be able to wear what they want during school because they buyed
    they should be able to wear it.

  11. All kids should have a family and a home.Also,kids should be able to work if they need to.They should also be able to go to school,like college,to get an education.

  12. I, Ashley , thinks that all children should be loved , fed , and cared for . Espeically if they need to be fed , if they need to get love .


    • 1. I think kids should be able to to make choices.
      2. Boy should be able to skate any
      3. I think moms should have more help their children.
      4. I also think that kids would be able to be happy in school and have a good time.

  13. A right is something what every kid needs. Having right is having freedom,citizenship,care,and urgent need. Having freedom is also about having love. If a child does not have love, the child will think that no one will be there for him/her and will not learn what they need to learn.

  14. I think that it is not good for children to do work on the age of fifteen or under because if they get to much or do to much work they might die.

  15. I think it is not right for kids to work at the age sixteen or under because some kids if they work so hard or a lot they could probably die from working so hard.

  16. A right is something every kid needs.A right is like freedom which is very important because everyone needs their own freedom like not working.

  17. i don’t think it is right for kids to work cause when you are a kid you focus on their education not working and that is also why they give you parents so they take care of you not you take of your self and when you have no parents you have no choise but to go to foster care!