41 thoughts on “Ancient Civilization

  1. Civilizations had a lot of food so not a lot of people has to be a farmer.They also had huge buildings and Temples.

  2. Ancient civilization bring our drawing.

    They bring arts.

    And other thing that make some drawing

  3. A civilization is a culture and language of people and also buildings made by the type of people.It has improvement by having people rebuild it or people still having the language.

  4. Civilization is like when people build houses,but not any ordinary houses, big huge house.Another thing they do is art,lots and lots of art.Some thing else is that they are realigious.

  5. Ancient Civilization means something that involves religion,art,writing and many more.Also this invoves ancient buildings.

  6. They talked about tall building,there culture, and there things they do in life.That’s what they showed in the video that Ms.Mercer showed us.

  7. In ancient civilization people were alive back then and did things

  8. The ancient civilization video was about tall buildings. Also, they talked about their culture. Finally, they talked about what they do in their life.

  9. Civilization is something ancient that has been around for millions of decades or centuries. Some stuffs they have was art, religions, writings, buildings, and many more. Something that made them improved was that many people believes that they are the key to know what was life back then in the early life.

  10. Government,Art,Money,and Agriculture are all parts of ancient civilization.

  11. the first thing about architecture is that ancient buildings such as the pyramids.the second thing is there hand righting how they right in their culture.

  12. Ancient Civilization
    Civilization has goverments,money,and last but, not lease art…..

  13. They got wicked style, cool architecture,grow crops,have cool art and money.

  14. The first thing about architecture is their ancient building such as the pyramids. The second thing is their writing and how they learned to write there own language. The third thing is how they created the line of government and how they judged the people by their level of power.

  15. The architecture is when we build us house for use to live and be in. Growing crops is to help us live and is to make are stomach full if we do not have crop we will die.The government help use have food and made us rule to follow.

  16. The architecture they built house for us and food. And more staff for us and some other architecture.

  17. What i know is that the people were rule by a emperor. They have to follow the rule of the emperor .