Oakridge Sixth Grade Blog

Field Trip to Cal Middle School

What happened on yesterday’s field trip to Cal Middle School? What did you learn about? Do you have any questions? Any concerns or worries about going there? If you do NOT want you comment published, please put the word PRIVATE in it.

Finishing up Ancient Civilization

We are going to be doing a VoiceThread about what we’ve learned about Ancient Civilizations. We need to gather pictures about this topic. To do this, we need to know what to look for. We’re going to get a list of words to search for pictures. Please leave a comment with three words having to do with ancient civilization.

The Agricultural Revolution


How did farming change life in ancient times? What did farming and agriculture have to do with the rise of civilizations in the ancient world?

Photo Credit: 100_9381 by kjarrett, on Flickr

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