33 thoughts on “Astronomy: Galileo

  1. Galileo is saying the earth revolves around the sun and the other planets it goes round and round.

  2. The idea Galileo had in mind was that the sun is in the center of the Universe and that the Earth goes around it.

  3. Galileo’s ideas are that he said that the Sun is not in the center ,but it is in the middle. He also want to know how he can prof that this is true.

  4. Galileo idea was the Earth going around the Sun.The other thing was that the sun is in the center.

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      Galileo discovered jupiter has three fixed stars
      Galileo builted a telescope

  5. Galileo have about the Sun and the Earth because he think that the Sun is in the middle and that the planet’s rotate around the Sun.

  6. Galileo knew that the sun is in the middle of the planets but the church people had a different thought

  7. well the sun and the earth is a really cool thing to study about but he said that he thinks the heavy ball represents the earth and the small one represents the sun.HE thinks the earth falls faster than the sun.

  8. I didn’t like a part of the movie when Galileo said that the sun is supposed to be in the middle.

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      2. Why was this a problem?
      3. What should Galileo have done?

  9. I thank that galileo thinks that the earth is in the middle and every thing else circles around it.