19 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog…

  1. i feel good and happy for this blog. i will feel happy for all of the hard work i did in class.

  2. I like about the computers is watching viedos.also like the games.also talking what we rearn

  3. I feel exiting about going to this blog because it is so fun.That you have to write about a blog.

  4. I feel happy being a in a 4th grade blog. I am exited because this is my favorite blog.

  5. I feel excited because i get to go to fourth grade and i like to type at the computer lab. like to type because you get to type letters or poems to friends.

  6. What I like about my website is we get to write alot of words of myself.And I feel happy about the blog that is great and awsome.

  7. I feel good and excited because this is my first time doing a blog,and I am going go to 4th grad and I hope I will make new friends.
    As soon as I herd about this I could it wait.so by

  8. i feel happy because this is my first time doing a blog.it is fun because you can make new friends.

  9. i feel excited because i’m going to be in 4th grade.

    i going to make new friend.

  10. What I like about blogging is your games,videos, and writing in the computers. Your website are so cool and fun to play games.