Dollars and Sense: What do we know about money?

This VoiceThread is from last year, in third grade, when you studied money. This year, you will study both money, and how to use it wisely. To start things off, review what we learned about money last year by watching the VoiceThread. Then, write a two sentences sharing what you already know about money.

29 thoughts on “Dollars and Sense: What do we know about money?

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  2. I think money is important for people because it give food. money is important to other people to.

  3. What I know about money is that it is made in diffirent states . Money is also made of platinum,but not in the U.S.A.

  4. I know that money is good and bad.The reason why I said that money is good and bad is because money is good because you take care of your family . Money is bad because it makes to much of bad stuff