Why I like puppies and kittens

I like puppies cause they are friendly and they cuddle you alot and because they are adorable.Puppies are ment for people and some people don’t like them. people are supposed to be with people that love them and care for them.when they grow up they are going to be so big and some people are going to let them go. Soon people are going to forget they ever had A dog and never want them again. people have to pay attention to their dogs if they are sick so they  don’t die. dogs are ment to be alive so they can help people and have fun so they can be proud and not just stay in A house all day and go to sleep without using the restroom in the house.and kittens r playful with others and they cuddle with u . kittens r adorable and sometimes mean but they still love u and others.kittens my not be as good as dogs but some people like cats better and not dogs but i like cats and dogs.

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