On my vacation i went to six flags and it was fun cause i got to go on water rides but the bad part is that i got changed in my ragular clothes and went on another water ride it was fun cause when i went pass this water shooting gun my cousins were going pass and i sqorted them it was a fun day for me.I wish i can go their again when we got back home we didnt do anything for the rest of the week but i got to be with my family and i got to with our new puppy.The puppy is a pitbull and a biter but shes still a puppy and my family cares about her as much as i do.We got another pitbull that we had for  long time and a fluffy dog so we got 2 pitbulls and one fluffy dog.My dogs dont always get along but they live with each other the puppy always tries to act like underdog and jump off the couch and lands on them sometimes she misses.My dogs are so adorable and funny the jump on me and lick me but  one of the puppies bite me.She is adorable what i also did on my vacation is spend time with my mom cause we dont live with her she lives on carnation and my dad lives across the street thats why on the weekends we go with her so we can have fun and spend time with her.And we went to old sac and it was fun cause we had hot coco and took pictures.





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