Dream Speech, Period 4

Dear sophomores,

You’ve been working hard to inspire others to follow you, both as an expert on a specific research topic and as a speechwriter. Your dream speeches are an important contribution to our class, our community, and our world. Your thoughts and ideas can have wide-ranging implications to help ease suffering and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. All you have to do is imagine!

  1. Review: Make sure that your dream speech is just the way you want it, free from simple spelling and grammar errors, and full of those persuasive rhetorical techniques we have studied.

2. Publish: Click on the ‘leave a comment’ link at the top of this post. Follow the directions for uploading your ‘comment,’ in this case your dream speech. If you want, you can click an option to have your classmates’ comments emailed to you. I recommend this.

3. Read and reply: Once your classmates begin to upload their dream speeches, you can reply. Identify what you like about the speech; look for good examples of rhetorical techniques. Share other questions or ideas you have about the speech. Keep it positive. If you have a concern, you might consider speaking to that person directly rather than leaving a comment. Please comment on AT LEAST TWO of your classmates’ speeches. Also, our goal is to leave comments with each student writer, so everyone feels acknowledged for their ideas and hard work.

Thank you for all of your hard work and risk taking!

Kind Regards,

Mr. Coey

60 thoughts on “Dream Speech, Period 4”

  1. Stereotypes
    Achiyo Valles
    Today we live in a world where we perceive what’s around us on what others believe without proof. We view the person without ever talking or getting to know them. Yes stereotypes are running rampant in our ever slow division of America. Arabs are terrorists, Mexicans are gangsters, blacks are drug dealers, men are to be strong and masculine, while women are to be feminine and docile . These are common and frequently used labels we place on the backs of our fellow men and women. The cloud of ignorance has settled down on America creating a foggy view of those around us.
    No, we cannot let the physical appearance of a human being to alter our thoughts. We can’t be tricked by the mirages of lies and illusions of trickery. We can’t be fooled by these false statements.
    But It’s simple. It’s simple to categorize people’s actions. Because of what’s presented whether through the media or from our history, it’s easy to categorize. It is easy but that doesn’t make it right nor does it make it true.
    Imagine being told what you are, who you are and what you stand for because of your age? Because of your class? because of your beliefs? Because of your gender? Because of your race? You and I are individuals who pave the way to our own life. We can’t be brought down by these categories set before us. You are your own person. Live your life, not the life that someone thinks you should pursue.
    As Sherman Alexie, a novelist, short story writer, poet, and filmmaker, says, “don’t live up to your stereotypes”. Be you.

  2. Patrick Cha
    English Honor 10
    20 February 2018
    “ Guns defines as protection”

    Today we stand here in front of the white house on President’s Day to make changes of violence been causing us to lose our loved one. Those gun been out of control for too long and damages our peaceful communities. These gun violence shall not happen but should only bring justice to our community and not troublesome. We, the people, use a gun to protect ourselves from danger but not for killing to pleasure yourself. Today is the day we will make differences to our community and make it a better place. People have the right to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    I see the mourning of mother over their dead son and daughter. I hear cry of sorrow asking God why their loved ones being taken away from them. I feel the weight of sadness on the family shoulder praying God to bring their loved one back.
    Now is the time to take action, punish those who did wrong. Now is the time to fight those violator to bring justice to our community. Now is the time to propose a new way of gun control. For as one simple word “bullet” fire as fast as a cheetah to kill its victim.
    Like President Obama say “ the gun lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now but they can’t hold America hostage. We do not have to accept that carnage is the price of freedom” meaning we, the people, come together in hands we will fight those violator.
    I have a dream people will be able to stay by their families, their friends, or their loved one in this sky of peace. I have a dream black American and white American hold hands to make America at peace again! I HAVE A DREAM America will be at peace black American and white American tied bond as strong as a chain.

  3. There are many children now with a lack of education. Adults too haven’t received any education. Which results people into extreme poverty and then homelessness. People in the United States won’t take what they are given. Whether it was in the past or present, be grateful for what’s given to you. Today, teens just want to get out of school. They want to be free and what they don’t know is that there is much more than that to living independently. Millions of children are still without school.

    Education plays a great role in today’s society. An education will help get you on the right track to success. Getting proper education is very necessary to have a good and happy life. It’s like your body. You have to eat right, exercise, and move to get your body fit. Sure, it may be stressful when it comes to being successful, but you feel relief after you get an education. It promotes the feelings of physical, mental, and social well-being by providing a better life in the long run.
    Realise, you have a better life than most children, take advantage of it.
    Realise, in the end an education will help you.
    Realise, you are in school for a reason.

    You have an opportunity that most children around the world doesn’t. An education is like power. Come home with a four-point O GPA and make your parents proud. Make them cry tears of joy. Make them happy to the point their faces leave a smile forever. You are the reason why we are going to advance in technology, society, and politically. Shakira, a Pop musician, has schools to serve children who needs education. She stated, “I want to demonstrate how we can change the lives, not only the children who come to school, but also their families. Entire communities can be transformed when you have a school that functions properly.”
    I have a dream that each and every one of you will be a useful member of society.
    I have a dream each and every one of you will live a luxurious life because of an education.
    I have a dream one day you realize right from wrong and peace from violence.
    Thank you.

    1. I agree with you, Chris. Knowing that there are millions of children are without an education I believe that we, kids who have access to an education, shouldn’t take it too lightly. I also truly believe that education is power, not just to the world but to the mind as well.

    2. You are the best person ever. I loved this speech so much. I really loved your beginning . I hope you are dedicated as much as you want others to be dedicated.

      1. I agree with you too Chris. I really think this speech was really nice. It really interested me when you put in the part ” Come home with a four-point O GPA and make your parents proud. Make them cry tears of joy. Make them happy to the point their faces leave a smile forever.” I can relate to this because I want to do it too.

  4. Isaiah Tongson
    English 10
    I have a dream
    Homelessness has been going on around the world for decades. Today i want to talk about helping the homeless. I see homeless people everywhere. I hear the struggles that homeless talk about when they ask for change or even write on the cardboard boxes. I feel the pain that homeless people have to go through every single day of their life.
    Everywhere around the world you are guaranteed to spot homeless men or women. There are even veterans who are homeless who have served our country. For a person who have risked their life at war or saved someone’s life should not be in the streets begging or asking for money. They should be honored and treated like a soldier. I think in more cities they should make more homeless shelters for people and help them get back up on their feet.
    There are currently 41 homeless shelters in Sacramento, which is a start. Even though there is 41 shelters I still see many homeless out there on the streets. Say Sacramento had the same number of shelters as San Francisco has, it would be a whole image for our society in Sacramento. But the most people i see that are homeless are in San Francisco, and the bay area has 121 homeless shelters. Even though they have that large number of homeless shelters in San Francisco there should be more shelters built because their are still hundreds of homeless people laying around in downtown and more.
    Now if you want to help the homeless to encourage others into helping the homeless like donating and feeding. A dollar or two doesn’t hurt to give away. To stop homelessness it will take many years, but if it evolves around the world it would be more help to the point where people are society will look better and cleaner. I Isaiah Tongson believe that if the people in the world or United States work together homelessness will be extinct in a matter of 6 to 10 years.

  5. Isabel Rodgers
    BLM Sacramento

    Sacramento, California
    A place I call home
    A population of one million, four hundred eighteen thousand, seven hundred eighty-eight
    A small population of one hundred forty-seven thousand, fifty-eight of the black race
    A larger population of four hundred ninety-five thousand, two hundred fifty-five police staffing

    I see police force exceeding the reasonably necessary and the paranoid reaction of having to reach for their Glock 22
    I feel the bullet wounds engraved through my peoples’ black flesh and the dark purple bruises stained from police batons
    I hear cries from the families of Adriene Ludd, Dazion Flenaugh, Trish Hill, Joseph Mann, Armani Lee, Lorenzo Cruz, Desmond Phillips, Ryan Ellis, Mikel Mclntyre, and Nandi Cain

    My people from my home resisting like a drug will help your body resist infection
    My people from my home throwing their hands of stop signs up

    Now is the time we intrude in violence inflicted on black communities
    Now is the time we stop black lives from being targeted for death
    Now is the time we strive for liberation

    We as a HOME, hand and hand, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, “A world that Stands as One” must stand to tear down the current system

    I have a dream that the cries of black families will be wiped away by the hands of joy
    I have a dream that the black flesh will remain unbruised from hollow point bullets
    I have a dream that Sacramento will be overcrowded with black love

  6. Did we really need wars?

    Is war a choice in a debate, or a political issue? NO, war should never be an option.Think back to any war, to the American Revolution, to the two World Wars, to the ongoing war in Afghan.Why do you think these wars happen? By fate? I THINK NOT!I’ll ask, what could’ve of been done to avoid to avoid a long war. I’d ask this because I believe human conflicts should be solved with their voices, not their weapons, with their essays, not their battle formations.
    Why lose so many young lives for a belief that only limits others. Did you even try your best not to start a war, or were you so blinded by anger, propaganda, or your own greed? It’s as if a student randomly punched you in the stomach because he/she didn’t agree with your shirt, in sports, quotes, or color. This leads to you fighting back in anger: thus the war begins. This all could’ve been avoided if he/she talked to you or debated with you. No conflict should be solved with violence, as the Father of India says,”An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”.
    I have a dream that one day instead of wars there are debates, not a war council. I have a dream in which North Korea is not known as what it is today, but as a free country like the US. I have a dream in which there is no South or North Korea, only one united Korea. I have a dream where the troops in Afghanistan and any other Wartorn country, are not there for a fight, but for the culture, history, and beauty. We, all of us can stop these and future wars. We can look at our past mistakes, greed, lust for power, and Imperialism. We can stop the government from continuing these wars. We can convince our enemies to be allies. We can unite, speak out, and debate together, to make an era of peace together. NO deaths, NO conflicts, and NO WARS!

    1. I liked the quote you used, “an eye for an eye only leaves the world blind”. It shines light onto your topic, and I agree that war should never be the answer to resolution.

  7. In his eyes, in her eyes, in my eyes, in all of our eyes why do they seek desperation. Why does bullying happen at school? Why is it only them? In our city, in our state and in our environment. We have trouble hearing out for one another. We seek attention and popularity. We seek the outside identity of us instead of the inside of who we actually are. We pay more attention to those who fit in. We have 525,600 minute in a year and we can’t even spare one second to help another.
    I see wrecked boats of insecurity. They laugh continuously as steve urkel. I hear tears of confusion. Crying everyday, every second, every night. Fearing who they are. I feel the burned skin of hatred. Hanging themselves, cutting there flesh skin until its a blood bath. It’s like their eyes bored into their souls, ripping out through the dead heart in their chest. I am not satisfied of how our society works.
    We have a voice that can spread over the whole milky way system. Now is the time to show empathy toward each other. Now is the time to pick up fallen heads. Now is the time to smile and respect each other. We can change our self and fix the problem of denying others. We are all human beings. we aren’t perfect, were not the best. We could help one another. Build your confidence, courage, and strength. Like the great Will Smith “ If you are absent during my struggle don’t expect to be present during my success.” I have a dream that will all be able to walk in lava together. I have a dream everyone in this world will care for who you are and support those who fall. I have a dream bullying will no longer be like it is today! I will do everything in my power to stop this prejudice society !

    1. “We have 525,600 minute in a year and we can’t even spare one second to help another” this sentence hit me really really strong. Good job child!

    2. I liked the phrase “I have a dream that will all be able to walk in lava together.” One of my favorite lines in this speech.

  8. Teresa Zuurbier
    Mr. Coey
    English 10 Honors
    8 February 2018

    In generations present and past we have faced a problem, one that future women shouldn’t have to endure, one that shouldn’t have began in the first place. This problem is female oppression and it is everywhere, it occurs all around the world, throughout our country, and even in our own community. I see it in our schools, where girls can’t wear what they want, because their bodies are “too distracting.” I hear it on our streets, where women are considered disposable objects and cat called because apparently the clothes they wear say that they’re “asking for it”. I feel it as a young woman when the mere thought of walking near a group of boys is terrifying. We are held hostage by the chains of objectification.
    Now is the time to stop teaching boys that it is okay to sexualize and degrade women. Now is the time for women to be able to comfortably walk down the street at night without fear of being targeted. Now is the time for women to be treated as people, as equals. Like the great actress Emma Watson states, “Both men and women should feel free to be strong…it’s time that we all perceive gender in a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideals.”
    I have a dream that women will be freed from those chains which bind them to the ideas of hatred. I have a dream that the future astrologers, doctors, teachers, and lawyers will be paid the same as their male counterparts. I have a dream that people will finally see us for what we are: we are women, we are girls, we are PEOPLE.

    1. I can really see how you really have a voice for women all out there and you truly care it’s really good don’t need to change a thing

    2. I like how you said “I feel it as a young woman when the mere thought of walking near a group of boys is terrifying.” Most girls can really relate to that.

  9. Jenny Perez
    Power of Humanity

    ‘It’ has been going on since before wars commenced, since before segregation occurred, and even before & after human rights existed. Two words that have stricken not only men and women but children. Two words that have impacted the past, present, and future of lives: sexual harassment.
    There have been twenty thousand two hundred, seventy-six reports in the last three years and those are the only ones reported in our one single country. There are still thousands of unheard cries, of unheard cries with fear, of unheard cries with fear begging for time to be controlled by peace and justice.
    We cannot allow that our own brothers and sisters are overpowered by silence. There’s a voice within them struggling to be unlocked but forced down by shame and ignorance.
    Us as humans need to stand together, heart in heart, defending one another as we all breathe the same air regardless how one appears to look. We shouldn’t be the enemy of ourselves when united as one has evolved what we call our world and our home.
    Most believe it’s classified for one gender or age, but it has no true limit. “Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Every eight minutes, that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only six of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison.” Although it has decreased more than half since 1993, it is still present around us.
    With marches, movements, and speeches, we can continue to make a change in our neighborhoods, cities, states, and even nations. There is no stop nor a dead end to the improvement of humanity.
    So let us hear their stories, let us see their scars, let us try to understand their points of view because ladies and gentlemen, twenty thousand, two hundred seventy-six people are part of our “rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    1. Your speech is amazing it sheds light on a horrific subject we are too afraid to speak about. Also, it helps those that feel like they can not speak up to speak up. This is outstanding work that I always knew you were capable of.

  10. Gay Acceptance
    Here, in America, we are suffering from lack of gay acceptance. In November 2016 in Aspley State high school a 13 yr old, Tyrone Unsworth committed suicide after prolonged homophobic bullying for being gay. LGBT acceptance is a problem that is happening everywhere in the world everyday. 42 communities homosexuality was accepted or ignored. 5 out of 9 communities had no concept of homosexuality. Like the great president Obama said, “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law- for if we are created truly equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well”.
    Now is the time that we stand for one and another. That we protect make each other feel safe and not make us feel wanted all the time not make us feel like we did something wrong. Now is the time we show our LGBT friends that we really care that we want them here to be themselves. United States of America stands for freedom, safety, and being ourselves and our great ancestors didn’t fight for this country to be running scared to be true to ourselves they fought for us to listen not to be told to sit around and bully one another for who we like. Now is the time we identify as one–not gay, not black–as one, as a union. So everyone should stand up and fight for LGBT and fight for their rights so that they are not targeted or pushed around.

    1. Loved your speech, and how you looked up the information about how communities homosexuals were accepted or ignored, plus liked the beginning, how you show how gays are treated, lead to suicide, may he rest peacefully.

  11. Viancee Henderson

    Chris Coey

    Honors 10 English


    It is 2018, and for some unknown reason, there is still so much hate in this powerful country. That hate is against the LGBTQ community. As we all know Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-acceptance, or better known as Homophobia is a worldwide issue, but we can’t help the world until we help ourselves. That’s why we are here today at the National Washington Mall where nearly seven thousand people joined together to watch the mass wedding of 2,000 LGBTQ couples on October 10, 1987.
    In this day and age, we don’t have that unity. In this day and age, we choose to exile people because of who they love. In this day and age, we expel young gay boys because they choose to wear heels and a dress to school. In this day and age, gay men and lesbian women are shot dead in cold blood because the choose to love the same sex. It’s not fair that people always say “express yourselves, be true to who you really are”, yet the same people are the biggest homophobes. When you do “express yourself”, your criticized for who you are. Like the great RuPaul Charles always, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the HELL are you gonna love someone else.”
    I see the steel wall of fear people hide behind every time they are asked about their sexuality. I hear the sea of tears from all those who are attacked or even beaten because boys dress in feminine clothes or girls dress in masculine clothes. I feel the knife of pain every time someone is called a “faggot” or a “dyke”. Now is the time to stop the name calling. Now is the time to come together with love not pull away in disgust. Now is the time to put down your signs of hatred and open your arms in acceptance. Now is the time to support the HAPPINESS and LOVE of your LGBTQ family and friends.
    I have a dream that men and women would get wear whatever they want without judgement. I have a dream that Gay and lesbian will get to march through the street in pride and everyone will join in and take a hand be united one at least one day, celebrate with us, SHARE THE LOVE. I HAVE A DREAM, That Gays will go unprosecuted, that gays can go to a club without being shot at, or attacked. I want every Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning will be accepted like every other human wants to be, that is all I ask. THAT IS MY DREAM!

  12. Samantha Thao

    Bellowing Silence

    How many lives must be claimed before we as a nation bring light to the growing issue we avoid to speak of? It’s thrown into the shadows of the dark, no one dares to walk by. How many more victims must be pushed before we, as a nation uphold what we swore to protect? We have neglected our duties as human beings. We shun anyone who likes the same gender, who is a different shade of color, who is genetically illed. Today I am here to speak of the unsaid, the deaths of young ones, the death of hope and the death that claims beautiful embodiments, we call humans. A child who is tormented and haunted, to the point where that child feels it is right to self-harm. And self-harming leads to suicide, an act of taking one’s own life intentionally and voluntarily.
    Will we let death claim another child from their family? The cries of despair that escapes the lips of a mother’s sleepless night. A night where her child, laid awake, crying loudly yet laying silently. Will we let another mother discover her loving child, cold and still? The disposal of bed sheets covered in blood, that had since dried. Her child who was made into a victim because we, as peers and mentors failed to raise our heads to the underlying acts of bullying. The life of a young soul slowly fades as they overdose on drugs that are taken to lessen the pain. The soul you think, that we all think would be found in the eyes of a fellow being, has joined the other souls who were dismissed and thought so little of.
    I see souls that were once lit by the hope of happiness. The chance to ever laugh and smile genuinely fades at the thought of feeling unworthy and useless. I hear the cries and teardrops of mothers, her child’s laughter fades, and just like that- her child has just become another name on a cold tombstone. I feel the pain of victims who accepted Death into their arms. The chance to get proper help from an adult was dismissed because they felt like they were a burden.
    How can we sit so idly and continue to let this monstrous issue occur? We, as a nation, cannot continue to let the future of this world, act like vile beings. Teach your children to love, and to accept everyone of color, sexuality and disorders. The pain of so many teens who committed suicide because they felt that the world would be so much better without a worthless and burdened life in it.
    Now is the time to come together as victims and protectors to lessen the pain of death. Now is the time to acknowledge our brothers and sisters who have been tormented. Now is the time to protect those unable to protect themselves.
    Start today, not tomorrow- do not wait until it’s too late to save a life. Stand together to teach those who lack simple emotions and acceptance. Stand together against those who despise against our brothers and sisters of different skin color and culture. Stand together to become one nation that teaches future generations that difference is acceptance.
    As the great Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    So I say to you, that I have a dream. I have a dream that one day, every sister and brother of all sexuality, gender, and skin color can stand together as one. I have a dream that one day when I’m 34, I can proudly say to my child that difference is accepted because my nation stood together to make a difference. I have a dream that my generation will proudly say “I changed the world, with love and acceptance.” I HAVE A DREAM, that one day, I won’t have to fear the next time a mother discovers their child, that I myself, at age 34, should never discover my child in a puddle of their own blood- accepting death’s angel. I HAVE A DREAM, that my brothers and sisters can stand together, hand in hand, loving pass their origin of culture, skin, and ethnicity. I HAVE A DREAM, that no more deaths will be claimed through blood and drugs to lessen their pains.

    1. I admire your imagery of the mother and the child. It gives not only imagery but appeals to emotion. I admired the Gandhi quote too, it relates to your topic a lot and makes people think what they have done in the past and if it has impacted in a positive way. The ending has a great recap of your whole speech. Amazing speech!

    2. I can see that you put time and effort in this and it’s really amazing as always and i hope it continue this way this is really really good and amazing work

  13. Vy Nguyen
    Our First Obstacle
    Can you imagine your friends, your children have to suffer from depression at a young age? Have you ever think about how dangerous and serious teen depression can be? Let me tell you, teen depression is one of the most common mental health problems in the US since 2005. Do you know about 20% of all of the teens have to suffer from depression before they reach into adulthood? One of your friend or your cousin or your sibling might be suffering from depression without you knowing.
    As a teenager myself, I can see they’re sinking down in their own river of tears. They were crying in silence, hoping the feelings will roll down with the tears. I heard the blade of hopelessness sliding on their wrist, blood dripping down slowly, slowly as their tears. The pain in their heart is more painful than the cut on their wrist like a person just ripping their heart apart slowly leaving them to suffer in pain. I feel the prison that trapped them inside formed by their own thoughts. Their thoughts locked them away from the world like a lock without a key and it’s killing them slowly.
    It’s time for us to reach out and save the teens from depression. Don’t let the power of negativity empower their life and their future. It’s time to open our ears, listen to their problems, don’t let this generation die down in the trap of depression. It’s time to guide them back to the right path. Don’t wait for the tragedy knock on your door because you didn’t take action. It’s time to find the key, release them from the prison of their thoughts.
    In my dream, my friends, your friends, his friends, her friends will be able to walk on the right path with us. In my dream, we’re able to save them from drowning in their own tears. In my dream, one day they will be happy once again. In my dream, they will be able to look out the window or walk out the door to see there is still a long journey to take. Like the great Lewis Carroll, a writer said “ IN THE END, we only regret the chances we didn’t take” Please take that chances if you have a chance to save a teen from depression, don’t let the future of the world die down from depression.

    1. I really like your figurative language. I can see the imagery you said. It’s sad to hear whats going on in this world. I agree we have to help one another from depression.

  14. Discrimination of Mexicans and Mexican Americans

    Discrimination in the past discrimination in present but discrimination in the future there cannot be. We must lay a foot down like a rock; we must not move even if it meant we must fight like warriors; we must do so for the generations of tomorrow our future children, our future grandchildren and all that are to come. We must leave a mark in history like Martin Luther King did for his people, but before so I have a question so pay close attention, “How is it that in the land of the free we have a president like Trump, a negative and racist man?” How is it that in a land in which our founding father wrote that “all men are created equal” and “all men shall be treated equal,” we lack these principles? How did we go from a man like Obama that saw my people as ‘PEOPLE’ to begin with people looking for opportunities in this land of opportunities to and every day for her children she came here looking for opportunities and she has got so, never did she get in trouble with the law through her whole journey.We are not the people you think we are “we all have a dream” like Martin Luther King said we have a dream of getting a decent education a decent job we have a dream to walk into a place and not be judged cause even without words, eyes say as much.a president like Trump that sees all my people as drug dealers, criminals and rapists.

    I have a message for Trump: come take a ride around a couple neighborhoods poor, middle class,rich and I could show you most of the men you see are hard working men that work day and night sunny or cold and I could say that each one of those men have different stories. I know men that have struggled their whole lifes to maintain a family I know men that have crossed deserts hotter than a usual summer day. I know men that have crossed furious rivers I know a man, a great man, that was beat by police men for speaking his native language, and I know men like you, my 8th grade science teacher he called me a beaner a wet back and who knows what else he muttered, but I am not.

    I am a 15 year old Mexican American girl, the daughter of a wonderful Mexican mother that works from 2 in the morning to almost 3 in the afternoon a mother that breaks her back each each and every day for her children she came here looking for opportunities and she has got so, never did she get in trouble with the law through her whole journey. We are not the people you think we are because “we all have a dream” like Martin Luther King said, we have a dream of getting a decent education a decent job we have a dream to walk into a place and not be judged because even without words eyes say as much.

    1. I like your topic about depression which is i’m like that i was depress about something i let it out by crying watching sad movies or romantic etc. this helps to other people who’s in depression many of teens are in depression so i think this speech would really help not only for me but to others out there.
      I really like it great job 🙂

  15. Ashley Saelee
    It seems to me that over the past few years or maybe even more, in this world we live in. There has been hatred, cruelty, callousness etc. spreading from one another. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, I see a world full of humans but no humanity. I hear people preaching but don’t practice what they preach. I feel hatred but instead, aren’t we’re supposed to be feeling love? How can we believe in humanity when all monsters are human? We spread hatred as fast as a cheetah runs after its prey. We are constantly hating on one another. So now is the time that this generation make a change. Now is the time we spread positivity instead of negativity. Now is the time we send love instead of hate. Now is the time to help each other instead of hurting each other. Now is the time to bring each other up rather than bringing each other down. Like the former US president said “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” So I encourage you all, to make a change in yourself to be nicer and spread more positivity. I have a dream that one day instead of seeing people fighting, I see them playing with each other. I have a dream that everyone treat everyone the same no matter who and what they are. I have a dream that sooner or later that we don’t have to question where humanity is at because we see it all happening all in our face. May kindness and love prevail in the heart and mind of humanity.

    1. I love the humans being compared to their own term. I can see and feel the entirety of this speech, your words influence many peers and audiences.

  16. Impeach
    I-M-P-E-A-C-H- This isn’t just an action, this is the next step towards a better America. The time is now. Here in America, our nation is suffering under the guidance of an unfit president. Today’s society has been antagonized by injustice for awhile now- the predicament is Donald Trump. The time to act is now. I see a wall of segregation. I feel the burning fire of hate. I hear the screams of protests and the clock of previous times rewinding. In the White House, we have a mockery of America. We have a mockery of everything we’ve fought and shed blood for.
    Until we take back our nation, we have a mockery of the constitution itself. Our president is the scum of America, is this really the person we want to represent us? A greedy man full of lies, hate and ignorance. Until we take back our nation, were retracting our roots back to segregation and racism. Either we shall live in union or we shall suffer in division.
    “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” Allow me to ask, what respectful man would have this to say about his own daughter? The answer is simple- none. Any man with common courtesy wouldn’t allow that thought to cross his mind.
    Until we take back our nation, this is the man representing the United States- a women oppressing, lying racist. I can’t take pride in my country with a man like Trump in office. Donald Trump is like a bomb- lethal, but will eventually self destruct, but in this case America will blow up as well. As a nation, we need to take a knee before we sink any lower. Were drowning in the troubled waters of America, watching the waves wash over us. America is like the Titanic, sailing smoothly before crashing into an iceberg. As a nation, we can change the face of America. “We love America, and we love our military, but we f***ing hate Trump!”

    1. I like how strongly you felt about your topic.This relates to millions of other people as well as me so I understand where you are coming from.

    2. I really enjoyed reading your speech. I had goosebumps the entire time! You have many imagery that helped me understand your point of view.

    3. I like how you added a example of how disrespectful Trump is , your use of words really made it clear to see how much of a unfit man Trump is to be president.

    4. I honestly loved how you got straight to the point and the way you stated your opinion about Trump. You used well explanatory words to help us fully understand.I also liked the example you used about his daughter I agree it was truly disgusting and if that is how he has his mindset he isn’t capable of taking care of our country .

  17. Hasan Afzal
    English 10 Honors
    Sexism Today
    I have a dream that one day sexism can be stopped, and today is that day. Here in today’s California, the USA, and the world, sexism is a colossal problem and even many centuries ago. Sexism is very prominent in the Middle East,Asia,and many other places around the world. Even here in the U.S. women with the same job as men get paid less. I wonder why this is happening. I wonder how this can be stopped.I wonder why people don’t do more to end this inequality. Like the great Susan B. Anthony who fought for women’s rights back in the women’s suffrage movement and made a huge difference. However, what she did was just the beginning, she put her toes in the water, it is not enough because we still deal with this in the world today.This type of gender inequality is like getting excluded from the cool kids table solely based on ones sex. By having a world run on sexism, is like falling into a black hole slowly slowly. Privilege should not be based on sex, and your sex a privilege.
    I have a dream that this ends all the inequality woman face. I have a dream that this speech will prevent others for assuming women are less than men.I have a dream that one day woman will have pay that equal of a man.I see unfairness in the workplace.I hear people calling out names to women thinking they are less feel saddened. Inequality, injustice, unfairness. Imagine someone you loved was getting judged just because of their gender? You would feel anger, rage, and sadness.You would ask yourself why is this still happening in our world today. What a man can do, a women can do. It is unfair for one to have the same qualifications and achievements and yet be treated like less for something out of one’s control. We should not let one of the things people judge be gender.I have a dream that sexism can be stopped today.

    1. I like the way that you added real life examples or “marks in history” it helps me see how serious people take this topic, your organization as well was very good. Goodjob.

    2. I like that you brought light onto the growing issue that every nation suffers from, even today. Women and men should strive for their passion(whether it be the same job or not) and be given the same opportunity to succeed.

  18. Francesca Lopez
    Coey 4th
    “ I have a dream” speech

    “Equality, Equality, is all we hear but discrimination, discrimination is all there’s been” – Francesca Lopez
    Why is is that women have fewer seats in power?
    But yet 50.8% of the US is women
    59% are college educated
    52% have professional level jobs
    Yet they always struggle to obtain powerful positions
    Holding only 16.9% of Fortune 500 board seats

    Why is it that the US is the country of freedom and equality but men still believe they’re worth more than women?
    Why do women with the same job,that put the same effort, & have the same hours as men get paid 24% less?
    Why do people believe men are worth more?
    I say people because it includes some women who have the same ideas as men, because they have the same ideas as men, because they have been forced to believe that without men in charge,our country would be in disarray

    The world is like a double-sided mirror, men on the dark side not capable of acknowledging that women are their equals and women on the clear side aware of every discrimination men have towards them

    I see women being diminished
    I hear women discriminate each other
    I feel the discrimination on my back
    I have a dream equality will no longer be an issue
    I have a dream women will be seen valuable and not a dishonorable
    I have a dream that people will remember that if it weren’t for a women they would not exist
    Now is the time to stand up for gender equality
    Now is the time for women to be treated equally with no hesitation
    Now is the time for women to show what they’re capable of
    If men don’t contribute to the problem it won’t be fixed
    Men need to accept the fact that we are equal and stop putting up excuses about why they are worth more

    1. Francesca,I liked how you use statistics to your advantage and also I liked the imagery you used which helped me see the issue better in your perspective.

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