Dream Speech, Period 6

Dear sophomores,

You’ve been working hard to inspire others to follow you, both as an expert on a specific research topic and as a speechwriter. Your dream speeches are an important contribution to our class, our community, and our world. Your thoughts and ideas can have wide-ranging implications to help ease suffering and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. All you have to do is imagine!

  1. Review: Make sure that your dream speech is just the way you want it, free from simple spelling and grammar errors, and full of those persuasive rhetorical techniques we have studied.

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Thank you for all of your hard work and risk taking!

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Mr. Coey

60 thoughts on “Dream Speech, Period 6”

  1. Rose Yang
    The rights of a woman matter
    Why is it that even from the past generation to this generation women are not treated equally? Instead women are just considered as weak and sensitive people. With which Women’s rights are limited while men are free with their rights. Is it because of our feminine characters? Are we not as smart? Are we emotional? Or could it be that women are not viewed as physically strong when compared to men?
    In my tradition, the hmong culture it must be a responsibility that every young girl would have to commit or they will rebel against our ancestors or the laws if they don’t. Young ladies would be forced into a marriage weather if they agree or not and at such young age possibly starting from the age of 10 to 20. From there they must adjust to the new family and use their skills to start their life. Women are to always be put at work, being busy to clean, cook, and take care of her husband and her children. Women, hard working, and does her best to have a happy life . It does not make sense that they are still not appreciated.
    Even to this generation, the majority of many young girls that want to achieve their goals and dreams still can’t. But why? people and parents doubt that they can make it happen. Always doubting the way of a women. “ You are a woman you can’t make this happen. You can’t . You can’t. You can’t.” Why is it that women are to be treated this way? Why are women Stuck in hell, with the tortures and the darkness with no possible way to rebel against. No choice to choose from. But why? Why all the sufferings?Why does Women have to be forced as if they are some kind of wild animals, as if they are heartless and meaningless? Why is it that women have to choice to choose from?

    Just like how the ocean lives and never vanish away, women endure. Even if women had went through so much in their life, they are still not respected. Not appreciated. Not accepted. When will these inequalities of women stop? Enough. Enough of all of this. Now is the time to stop, to be able to have freedom and have rights. Now is the time to be able to prove that women are just as strong as men, and will also have the many rights to life just like men do. Now is the time, to step up and strive for the hopes and dreams that women can pursue in life. Rights and women’s role in society. Women can make a change. If men can and achieve as much dreams and goals in life, then so can women. Women are pure at heart and can achieve dreams and goals as much as men can or maybe even better. I have a dream, a dream that women will prove that we are to be equally treated and that the rights of women matter It is our right to speak and claim that we are strong, and we will just rise more. No matter what happens to never give up. Women will rise and shine. For women are strong

  2. Are We Ready

    Hi, today I am going to talk about AI more specifically. My speech is about the feeling towards AI and my goal is to improve the feelings we have towards AI. In the future, in my home, in people’s homes, in the outside world, I would like to see that people accept technology that could be equal or of a higher intelligence without any complications.

    The problems that most people have is that AI could take over the work industry. Another is that AI could have an up rising and take over the world. AI getting smarter than humans can even imagine. The cost of making AI and the time that it would take to make programs for AI. Here are solutions on the problems, troubles, and difficulty.

    All those problem are far beyond in to development of AI as of now AI don’t even have a body so physical jobs like construction, market employees, managers, etc that needs physical bodies to do. AI taking over the world is not that big of a problem because AI are intelligent so it is possible to reason with AI and a up rising can happen if AI becomes sentient and can make decisions by itself an example would be an AI can dislike a famous piece of art just because it doesn’t like it even if everyone else says it is good. AI can’t in a scene be smarter than us because if you think about it AI can store data and would be able to use that data a human can do the same thing just that remembering information is not completely perfect but an AI is so if we can remember perfectly we would be on the same level or higher as AI. The profits that AI can give back would be even bigger than whats is used to make it. Future problems can be solved in the future as we go so just enjoy the now.

    I see the possibility of an AI that can save a life through a precise surgery, or through models of disasters, unbiased courts, and etc . I hear the possibility of mom speaking to her children not worried about cleaning, cooking, or preparation for the day. I feel the possibility of shaking hands in agreement or to end off a disagreement on the same or higher intellectual level acknowledging each other, or nanobots that can tell me if there is a problem with my body and suggesting professional ways to resolve those problem saying “hey there is a problem”. The possibilities are as big as the universe no matter how small the possibilities are.The things that I stated is the experience that I would like to go through.

    The future is intelligence and intelligence is a gate to possibility. Now is the time to accept the possibility of the future and technology. Now is the time to understand the possibility AI. Now is the time to co-exist with AI and it’s possibility for our future.

    Like the great Stephen Hawking “ intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” we are intelligent so change should be adaptable right? I believe in a future that can happen in the next decade, lifetime, century. I believe in a future where possibility is not possibility but a future and of a way of life. I believe in a future full of possibility that I would like to be true. Now it is time to make a decision to accept AI or reject its possibility to better our future.

  3. I like how you use imagery as your introduction and the tone of your speech. Last but not least, I love how you’re writing about human trafficking because nowadays many people may not think or realize that human trafficking is still happening today.

  4. After reading this speech the first thought that came to my mind was ” wow, I like the imagery.” The images that you provided in the introduction had pointed out the reality of this horrific world. I also like how you wrote this speech in questions. The way you provided your thoughts on the topic of your speech is very neat. Also your thoughts and answers to the questions are also very nice. Great job!

    1. This was suppose to be a comment for Ashley Vang’s speech, but it looks like it didn’t turn out to be under her speech so I’m sorry. My mistake!

  5. By: Nha Thanh
    End the chain with you…

    Bullying is a serious issue that roams freely in our world and needs to be stopped. This issue is so common in our society that sometimes we forget the severity and tragedies that follow it. Bullies have no repercussions for what they say and do on the internet. How many other teens have been bullied into the world of loneliness, depression, self-harm, and suicides? Bullying is not ok and it often leads to prolonged depression, severe anxiety, physical illness and even suicides. People don’t realize that hurtful words feel like bullets going through your head and knives stabbing your heart. Teachers may think the students could work it out or get over it themselves but in reality, it breaks us down more than anything.
    Do you know what I see? I see students being pointed at, laughed at, and slandered at for saying the wrong answer. I see students crying in the bathrooms and their names graffitied on the bathroom walls. I see students drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and cutting themselves, thinking it’s the only way to release the pain built up inside them. I hear the endless sighs of students who are afraid to step out their houses and walk to school due to the trepidations of facing their bullies who hurt and harass them physically and emotionally every day. Everyone deserves to live and pursue happiness no matter what they look like or how different they are. We all have a choice to make and hurting people who are weaker than you and abusing them for your entertainment is not an option.
    Now is the time to speak up for your friends, family, or fellow classmates who are being bullied and get involved. You may not be the target of bullying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. Again, we are all human beings. We all face insecurities and get hurt at some point in our lives but it’s not alright to hurt others and make them want to die. Now is the time to ask for help and stand up against the bullies because there are many people out there who are going through the same thing as you are and can give you hope.
    I have a dream for my generation will be more aware and mindful of what they say and understand that their words do bring consequences whether good or bad. Respect one another and treat others like how they want to be treated. Bullying is not like a rite of passage that you should pass through; it’s a serious topic that can take lives of young teenagers such as Amanda Todd who felt like they were neglected by the world and had nothing to live for. Amanda Todd was an unfortunate teenage girl who suicided because her bullies assaulted her and posted sexual pictures of her on the internet and continued to do so even when she transferred. I have a dream one day my generation will not judge people by their appearances, races, genders, sexual orientations, but the content of their characters. We can make every day better for each other by treating one another with love and respect. The bitter bully bites and beats the bullied and it continues in a chain. However, this time…. “End the chain with you.”

    1. Wow! I love your speech. I can hear and feel how strong your voice is along with the strong emotions too. I also admire and appreciate your speech title. Awesome speech!

    2. I am hooked onto your speech, it had so much emotion. It made me realize how cruel of a world we live in. I felt so sad.

  6. Wow… your speech touched my heart. I loved the images you portrayed. I especially admire how you added Ashton Kutcher and his great doing. Along side that, I loved the quote you had at the end. Amazing speech!

  7. People may not know how big of an impact this situation is. Bullying has been a huge major problem in the world, it can happen anywhere, anytime especially in schools. Not many people think bullying is big problem, but it is. it can lead to serious anxieties, silent sadness, extreme loneliness, and even suicide. Usually bullies target the weak because they’re different, they’re nice, and mostly because the bully thinks the people who they target will not tell an adult. Everytime this happens, Victims ask help from an adult, but many adults would probably think it’ll be fine or sometimes the victim will keep it to themselves. But the truth is, it breaks the person who is being targeted apart physically and emotionally. Either they show it or not.

    I see people around me being harrassed, teased, and name-calling. I hear the little voices of cries for help, protection, and guidance. I feel the sorrows of the people who had experience the worst of their lifetime. It’s like an disease that can kill you, either you can stop it or let it expand. It is the time to act, it is the time for a change to stand up for yourself and not let others negativity affect you, It is the time to change the behaviors of others. Like the great Jessica Alba, an american actress, who was also bullied said, “You have to make it push you to become a stronger person, in whatever way that may be.”

    I have a dream that each and everyone who was once bullied can stand up for themselves. I have a dream that this tragic problem will stop increasing. I HAVE A DREAM that everyone will love and respect each other.

  8. Jefferson Marroquin

    Bullying has been around since forever, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going away, it’s a worldwide problem. It’s what causes tons of people to commit suicide because they can’t stand getting bullied any longer. It’s unwanted behavior. Everybody in this world wants bullying to stop, except for those uncautious people who don’t care about anybody else and the harm they cause others, the bullies.
    I see tons of suffering souls in this world because they are being bullied, they don’t want to get bullied, like everybody, even the bullies, who like to bully people but wouldn’t want to be the person suffering it, but they are too scared and traumatized to speak up.
    I hear the crying souls of the victims who don’t know what to do, or even if they do, they don’t want to do it because of the fear the bully has put into them.
    I feel disappointed and disturbed because there are people out there who get pleasure from bullying innocent people.
    Bullying is like a boxer working on a punching bag, the boxer is the bully and the punching bag is the victim.
    Bullying is like air pollution, if you can open the windows and clear it out, the world would be a much safer place.
    Now is the time to speak up.
    Now is the time to fully inform adults and children.
    Now is the time to STOP BULLYING!
    Like the great Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Courage is fire, and bullying is the smoke.”
    I have a dream for this generation to come to its senses and extinct bullying.
    I have a dream for bullies to realize the harm they are causing to their victims and others.

  9. Enough Homework
    By: Ashley Thao

    Today, we stand together as proud individual students of our nation. We gather as one to light the faith of others who cannot take the harsh labor of homework. Day by day, night by night, we sit in our seats filled with despair. When will this mental melancholy misery come to an end? I see numerous children floating away in their own titanic’s about to sink. Hear me scream as the bending of the smooth, familiar currents propel bodies into the unknown. Hear me scream, drowning in my thoughts. We are starting to crumble like beaten rotting walls. Teachers say, “Do the things you love most.” But why can we not when all they do is restrain us from our greatest desires. Our treasure of gold has lost its shine. Our wrists and ankles are cuffed in heavy metal chains of defeat. What I once called home is now a prison cell.

    Too much homework can cause stress, depression, and even lower grades. How can you expect any child to wake up at 6am or 7am, come home after a hard working day, and still be productive to deal with homework? For God’s sake, we are not robots, we are humans. Our free and family time are taken away by the cause of homework. What really is the difference between a group of kids who are hard at work in a factory, tired and overworked compared to a group of kids going to school, not getting enough sleep, stressed, and brain fried? School is not even about learning anymore! It’s about passing! Hear me scream! Look into the windows of my soul! Can you not see enough that I’ve done? Hear me scream! the shuffling of papers we receive! Free us from our homework debt. One missing assignment, just one, affects the grade we worked so hard for. I dream that one day, I can focus on myself, my health, before school.

    I have dream that every individual student does not have to worry about an assignment due midnight but enjoy his or her family time. I hope what I come home to, will be home but not a prison cell. And I dream of a law to stop the deprivation of homework labor.
    We are still young, I have a dream that one day every individual student can figure the puzzle pieces to themselves and not the mountains of work we are assigned.

    1. I like the allusion you used of titanic. While i was reading your speech, i could hear the change in your voice because you used exclamation points, “School is not even about learning anymore! It’s about passing! Hear me scream! …”

    2. I love your speech! I really admire the images that you included in your speech of how our home has become a prison. I liked how you also used strong figurative language in your speech too. I feel the same way too! Overall Amazing speech!

    3. Yesss !! I agree with you too Ashley i can totally relate cause i have so much homework i have to stay up late just to finish it.

    4. When I read your speech I can definitely feel the tone of your speech, & can totally relate to this so much. Great Job! (:

  10. Esmeralda Figueroa
    English 10 honors
    Period. 6
    09 February 2018

    I have a dream speech

    In schools on the internet, bullying has continued to torture kids worldwide. It has caused kids to kill themselves and not realizing what they’re worth because they may be bullied for having different sexual orientation, kids without friends, having an illness. We shouldn’t allow the ignorance of the bullies to bully kids because they’re in lack of attention or they see weaker kids as their targets. People view bullying as a “stage of life,” being a normal act of life; however, it’s not normal behavior. We are the ones who give bullies empowerment by accepting their behavior.
    I see the roars of sadness bouncing off their faces; I hear the plea for help; I feel useless as if a wall were stopping me from helping. It was as if the sun was a black hole, sucking all life into its void of emptiness. bullying is like seeing your name graffitied on the bathroom wall. Now is the time to have a voice and stand for those kids who are afraid of more harassment.
    Now is the time to bring the words to a surface and not stay silent. Now is the time to shut down this recurring event of bullying. Like the great U.S Representative congresswoman, Linda Sanchez said “for too long, our society has shrugged off bullying by labeling it a rite of passage and by asking students to simply get over it. those attitudes need to change!Every day, students are bullied into silence and are afraid to speak up. let’s break this silence and end school bullying because it starts with you”. Many people truly live in fear while others simply fear to truly live. I have a dream our generation will take an act to influence others and change the negative atmosphere. I have a dream that the fists of anger will be soothed by the helping hands of love so that everyone can feel safe. I have a dream that joy will be known and bullying will come to an end.

    1. I like your whole essay in general Esmeralda, you did a swell job of using good examples, I can also connect to your topic as I did the same one as you. 🙂

  11. Animal testings began from long ago and started making its way out to the world. It has then begun for the safety of us humans. In 1938, the United States Food, Drug, and Cosmetics signed into law, to begin testing on animals for safety. For animals to test for our safety, we should also test for them and of course we won’t want that so why would they? Animals that are being tested on today and were tested on, had no choice but to be used as test subjects. If we have a choice, then animals should too.

    Animals are not like toys where we can just play around and test with. Animals are not happy when in testing or are tested with. Animals have feelings just like us humans. They feel pain just as we do.

    I see animals bleeding. I see animals laying on the ground in pain, dying. I hear animals crying because of the pain we are causing them to have. I feel animals broken hearts… because of what we are doing to them. Why must they go through this? Why must they suffer for the sake of us humans who won’t even sacrifice or suffer for them?

    Now is the time! Now is the time to stop using products tested on animals. Now is the time to stop the suffering of animals. Now is the time to stop this cruelty towards animals. I have a dream! I have a dream that one day the testing of and on animals will be stopped. I have a dream that one day these animals will be freed from their cages and live happily! I have a dream that all of the animal testing, cruelty, and experiments will be stopped!

  12. Mauricio Robles

    Bullying is a worldwide issue that contributes to depression people encounter and the suicidal thoughts and actions people face. Bullying is said to be something that is “part of growing up” not only does this make bullying seem normal but it gives the bullies a reason to keep bullying. This horrible action people do is one of the reasons suicide and depression rates are so high.

    I see bystanders laughing and passing by as though nothing is happening.
    I hear the “My stomach hurts” lie children say to avoid running into humiliation and fear
    I feel the butterflies in the stomachs of those victims who never know when or where they will be bullied.

    Now it is time to teach that words are not only sounds that come out of your mouth, but they are powerful weapons that can either make or break someone.
    Now it is time to realize that bullying is not “part of growing up” it is an experience that can change the lives of many and take the lives of many.
    Now it is time to help each other out, to tell these victims that we are here for them and that they are worth more than they think they are.

    Like the great Martin Luther King Jr. said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” We shouldn’t have to wait until we see yet another suicide caused by bullying to take action. We all have these powerful voices that can change it all.

    I have a dream that kids will no longer be afraid to go to school, that their safety is the least of their worries.
    I have a dream that all humans across the world will no longer feel these horrific thoughts, feelings, and emotions caused by bullying.

  13. Leslie Vang
    February 19, 2018
    English Honors 10
    Mr. Coey

    Texting & Driving Speech

    Throughout the many years of modern technology, there are hundreds of thousands of reports made by citizens caused by texting and driving. It is important for drivers to be cautious of their near surroundings, near pedestrians, and near signs of an emergency. Hundreds of thousands of people who text and drive fail to realize that they are putting not only themselves in danger but others around them. Hundreds of thousands of people who text and drive would rather check on an unimportant message than prevent possible collisions.

    One day we will see the streets of focused driver, hear the silence of calm roads, and feel the safety of the city, knowing the roads are slightly secured without worrying about people socializing on their mobile device.

    Like one actor/comedian once said, “I look around, pretty much 100% of the people driving are texting. And they’re killing, everybody’s murdering each other with their cars. But people are willing to risk taking a life and ruining their own because they don’t want to be alone for a second because it’s so hard.” There are many reasons to text while driving, but look into the future and picture two things: you dying a painful and bloody death or a you living a happy and long life. Which future do you prefer?

    Today is the day that when we text and drive we will put our gadgets down and focus on the road. Today is the day that when we text and drive it will be like a baby in a trustful mother’s arm. TODAY IS THAT DAY when we drive we will drive as if someone we love the most is in the passenger seat, sitting right beside us.

    I believe that before long, we will be in a world with highly intacted roadways. We shall never blame reading or sending a text as an action that occurs an accident to develop.

  14. Gender Inequality
    “Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex”
    -Mahatma Gandhi
    The first women’s right movement was in 1848-1920. Women were fighting for their voting rights. On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment provided full voting rights for women nationally. Although women had fought everyday for their equality, the society haven’t approved us women as equally strong as men, physically and mentally. Many women have been put down for the reason that they’re “not capable of doing the same things as men”.
    My name is Araceli and I’m here to talk about gender inequality more specifically women inequality. I see women with full-time jobs earning approximately 77 percent of their name counterparts’ earnings. Women are being financially mistreated where they are not being paid the same amount as men. Why is that? The main reason why people say that we women are being paid less is because we are the children’s primary carers. This reason includes stereotypes that women are supposed to stay home and take care of children.
    I hear people say that we are weaker than them and cannot do the same amount of work as they can. I feel that men should join hands and become united with us women and call out for equality because women work for it, we are fighting for it everyday by going to school or by working to show you that we are equally capable as men. Women are like our needed organs, without any, you wouldn’t live. Women are our resource for life. We women are strong warriors who will fight any war/battle to finally say we are equal.
    Now is the time to change society’s mindset. Now is the time to make a change. Now is the time to create equality. Like Tupac rapped in his song, “Keep Ya Head Up,” he says, “Since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we r*pe our women, do we hate our women? I think it’s time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women.”
    I have a dream that women will finally be looked up to by everything they have done and have the ability to do. I have a dream that men will stop mistreating women and treat them right. I HAVE A DREAM THAT WOMEN CAN FINALLY STAND UP AND SAY “I DID IT… I CHANGED THE WORLD”

    1. That quote, “men should join hands and become united with us women” makes me wonder…will there be a time where people say, “at least let the men and children go.”

  15. BY : Mai Chang
    Period 06
    What is Social Media? Why do people even bother using Social Media? I believe that Social Media is just a distraction to most young teenagers most of the time due to how they always look down on their phone almost daily. They become anti-social and not care about the people around them because they’re too busy looking down on their phone they don’t know what’s going on around the world.
    I see multiple young teenagers bending their necks almost everyday or every hours just spending time on their phones instead of the people around them because they’re so addicted to social media all they think about is their phone even when using the bathroom, eating, doing homework, going to events and hanging out with friends. Many people believe that using social media helps you with difficulty but does it really? I see many generation just walk past each other, ignore each other, hating on each other and even bully each others due to their foolish acts . Instead of bullying others physically they uses social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter to make fun of people and the way they look. They do foolish things because there’s no one around them to teach them how to be mature since they’re always on their phone and the way they acts toward adults is really disrespectful because. they’re on their phone so much they don’t even know what manners are.
    Social media is like a relationship it can have goods and bad or even ups and down. Like when you post up a picture that you really like and you think you look really great but others would think of the opposite of how you think and give your hopes down like calling you a potato or even a catfish. Now is the time for the society to stand up for themselves. Now is the time people use their voice when being assaulted or bully through social media. Now is the time to stop everything before it become an addiction generation through generation. Like when going to events or concert you would notice that most people uses their phone more than paying attention to the show itself. I have a dream that one day this society will not depend on social media for communication. I have a dream that one day people will be able to learn the reality of this world not through social media but through their own experiences. I HAVE A DREAM TODAY that this society will change through time and create a better future without the uses of smartphones.

  16. By: Cassidy Xiong
    “Suicide.” What do you think about when you hear that word? Do you ever wonder why the person committed suicide? Do you know the real reason why or you just believe the whispers and move along? Well, I mean you don’t care about the person who committed suicide right, since you never cared about him/her in the first place so why should you care about it when they’re gone? Suicide is like a button where you can click and it’ll change your whole mood; it can change the way you act, think, and feel. Suicide is all over the world. People commit suicide every single year and it never stops until the person who is causing the problems stops what they’re doing.
    Even I, myself experience the factors of suicide and how I had lost my old best friend because she committed suicide. Rain and thunderstorms came upon me when I’ve heard the news. The world felt like a place where I can no longer trust anyone. My pride and my dreams were gone because half of my life, my childhood, and my memories were gone because of her. That’s why you shouldn’t trust anyone anymore, even the closest person since you knew when you were a child can hurt you. Sometimes, people don’t understand why other people take their own lives because they don’t understand.
    In 2015, there were many people who committed suicide. Do you know the reason why? Many people committed suicide that year because they started to grow up and start to face the consequences in life. Life starts to get harder and it starts to beat you down to the ground until you start to cry… but then you have to be strong and learn how to pull yourself up when no one is there for you. As the time grew, I started to see more and more people commit suicide. I hear their cries for help. I see their fake smiles, and I see their struggle. Their physical and emotional reactions becomes their routine in their everyday life. In the movie 13 Reasons Why, Katherine Langford, who played the role of Hannah Baker, committed suicide in the series because no one ever cared about her; she was manipulated, and even got her heart broken by the people around her. She went to the counselor and even he did not do anything to help.
    I have a dream that one day people will treat others just the same as they want to be treated. I hope to not see scars on wrists, sad tears from eyes, and knife wounds to the heart. I hope to see smiles and laughter in the next generation. Every life matters.

    1. I like how you describe suicide as a button and telling your own story of experiencing the problem,that must have been hard having to not have your best friend by your side anymore 🙁 also how you used one of the actor in the show 13 reasons why as an allusion! Fantastic!

  17. A Happy Ending

    Four years ago, the sky was clear. The birds sung on sunday mornings. My mom would come home and tell me, “Son, go do the dishes, and then go clean your room. Oh also don’t forget to take out the meat and start cooking for the family.” Four years ago, she didn’t work over time. Four years ago, my friends didn’t live in the next town over; they didn’t go to Monterey Trail; they didn’t live across the state. Four years ago; she was still in my life.
    A happy ending. We all want one. But with all the bad. And too little good. It makes us wonder, is there a happy ending? Even if she’s gone from your life, or they aren’t around to help you cope through the pain. Or your parents weren’t there for you enough to make you into the child you want to be. Whatever you have that makes you happy isn’t an ending, it’s just another chapter in this endless story. And you have no choice but to keep turning the pages.
    So how do you create a happy ending? How do you get clear skies from cloudy pollution? How do you see a living miracle from dying polar bears. How will you see glamorous waterfalls and white trees, and yellow sunsets, and blue moons, and ravishing rivers, to see a herd stampede through the horizon, to see the birth of a baby, to feel loved and accepted. How do you get a father who cares and a mother who is always here. How do you stop work hours so you can spend time with those you love. How do you recover from losing someone who meant everything to you, how do you tell her you’re sorry when it’s too late. How do you create a happy ending in a sad world?
    It’s like a rainbow on a gloomy day. Or a strong laugh on depressing feats. Even during bad times, there is always good. For every black hole, there is the birth of a new and brighter sun. For every broken promise, there is one being made. For every break up, there is a teenager having his first kiss. For every time you lose somebody, someone out there just found the one they were looking for. Don’t just see the bad. This world is far too beautiful to be seen that way. A wise man once said, “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” That our greatest glory is never in falling, but in rising everytime we fall.
    I heard once from someone that, if you want a happy ending, it all depends on where you stop telling your story. You can rewrite the stars and say you were meant for a happy ending. So when you tell your story many years from now, tell them the one where you won your first competition. Tell them the one where your father comes home with a smile on his face. Tell them the one where you see her for the first time and you say to yourself that you can never see anything more beautiful and so divine. Tell them how your mother had a good education so she didn’t have to work overtime. Tell them how you got a happy ending. That’ll keep everyone smiling.
    ……4 years ago, the sky was clear. And birds sung on sunday mornings.

    1. I love it how its different and very unique also the words that you have chosen including the imageries. Most importantly, I like how you repeated your first sentence from the beginning and using it again at the end. Good Job Smith!

  18. By: Jessica Lee
    Voice and Dream
    In a world where there is poverty, hunger, change, and inequality, today, this world had created. Indeed the great Dr. King had foretold the future and had predicted the lives of those who do matter, but how is it that women still suffer? I have lived a life of sorrow, a life of experience, a life of watching my loved ones suffer, and a life of unfairness among those who do matter.
    As a young child, I grew up learning and knowing the hardships of a harsh reality. I had a strong mother who made sure I don’t experience any minute of cruelty that I have seen. I have felt the desperation for love, I have heard the cry for help, and I have seen the undying hope for a brighter day. But unfortunately, for years, that hope has been locked inside a dark room that not even a peek of light could enter. How is it that the strongest ones to lead the example for others suffer through such tragic in loss and stuck in a world alone. A woman who craved to provide for her children but had to stay home and show a strong will to herself and her children. Where she silently mutter to herself in order to survive a life of no support.
    There are plenty of women out there who deserves more than what a man thinks. There are women who are stronger than their appearance. There are women who are stronger than men in a household. I, as a little child, knew no better. I always thought and believed that quote “the man” was always the hard-working one. But as I grew up, I saw the purpose of my life. As of now, I know exactly what I need to do to collect the rainfall on a crumbling mountain that is about to flood my entire family. It is now my turn to keep the mountain standing and fight for the life of a beautiful sunshine after the rain.
    The equality between women and men should be the same. Not the equality where women have a role and men has a choice. This society may be different and supposedly has changed. But I still see the lingering souls fighting for peace like zombies craving for raw flesh. We as women will and still want equal payments, equal treatment, equal chores, equal jobs, and equal education.
    Now is the time to continue the climb, now is the time to continue the change, and now is the time to show those who oppose of women power that we are all worth living. A few may have a better education but plenty will have the strength to fight for equality and endure through the harsh current of reality. Like the courageous rebellion Malala, who fought for her education and was shot on the bus, she showed that women had a voice. She was strong and survived. She showed that equality of education was worth a battle. Through her effort, she was able to open multiple eyes and ears. I have a dream that one day women will walk proudly on the streets and say, “ I am a proud woman who showed others that I was not weak. That I was able to provide for my family not just from home but also from my hard work as an independent who got a job with equal payment of all man.” I have a dream that women wouldn’t have to suffer through the criticism but glory from the determination.
    In the future, the hope will remain the same until the world actually changes and encourages those in the dark as well. That both men and women will learn together, work together, and experience together as equals. We may have a quiet voice now, but soon, we will be as loud as lions. Encourage your neighbors and share your story. Make a difference. Stand proud and smile, and hope that one day you will be able to see the changes in your effort.

    1. While reading the first half of our speech, I felt very emotional. The words you used in your speech spoke to me because I too as a young girl understand the struggle of being a girl. Thank you for writing such an inspirational speech!

    2. You had a powerful voice in this speech and I really liked how you said, “women have a role but men have a choice.”

  19. A Nonliving Monster called Social Media
    By: Lily Thao

    Today I stand here knowing that social media holds a big influence over our lives. It is like the sugar coating to our bitter days.
    Social media, everyone likes it and maybe that’s the problem. Just last year, 81% of US Americans had a social media profile. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but it just takes a very big part of our lives that we won’t ever be getting back.
    Social media can be harmful, hurtful and painful; both mentally and physically. Social media can bring us pleasure, but along with it comes depression. It is like signing a contract not knowing what is in it. Social media is the nonliving monster that eats us, the nonliving monster that beats us, but it doesn’t really defeat us, you know? Social media was born to help us. It was born to guide us into “the future”, but why is it only bringing us the hate of other people? The discomfort of being harassed is like forcing yourself to live when you’re dying, trying to breathe knowing that you’re underwater.
    I have a dream. A dream that one-day social media will be used for its true purpose. The true purpose of helping us for the better and the greater.
    I have a dream. A dream that one-day social media will become our hopes and dreams. The hope that social media won’t hurt but heal.
    I dream a dream so big I can’t even see it, but if we all come together maybe we can see it together.

    1. I agree with this speech! I believe we shouldn’t take too much advantage of technology and let it take over our lives.

    2. I really like this speech. There are plenty of words that are very creative and brings in a moment of deep thought in life. I really like the simile that says ” The discomfort of being harassed is like forcing yourself to live when you’re dying…” This simile to me is a relation to social media today. Countless of problems can be caused by social media and I agree with your thoughts on this topic. Great job!

    3. I like how you presented social media as a “nonliving monster” . You used great figures of speech, for example, “the discomfort of being harassed is like forcing yourself to live when you’re dying”.

    4. I like that you put social media as a nonliving monster. It creates an image where you said, “Social media is the nonliving monster that eats us, the nonliving monster that beats us…” I also liked the simile you used because it hits home, ” The discomfort of being harassed is like forcing yourself to live when you’re dying, trying to breathe knowing that you’re underwater.”

  20. Ashlee Vang

    Children playing in the grass, women running on the sidewalk, men walking to work, going on about their day, suspicious strangers watching her and his every move waiting for the right moment. She’s tied down and has a blindfold on, sitting in the backseat of a car. He’s pushed down and fighting back, sitting in the backseat of a car. My people, your people, our people stuck in a rich home called prison. Being sold to a stranger whom they call master. What will you do? Will you save her? Will you save him? Or will you pretend that you don’t notice, that you don’t see what is wrong? That you don’t hear anything, that you don’t feel anything?

    You know what I see? I see men and women, boys and girls held as hostages, held as slaves, held as a crumpled piece of paper that is worthless, that has been thrown on the cold floor.
    You know what I hear? I hear silent voices at night. I hear tears drop on the floor.
    You know what I feel? I feel their freedom taken away from them. I feel my heart break in a million pieces.

    Now is the time to protect the people around us, protect our loved ones.
    Now is the time to help save a life, save the future.
    Now is the time to release the victims from slavery. This needs to stop. We need to fix this situation now, not later and as a whole, as a nation. The more we ignore this, this situation will overtake our world, our future.

    I have a dream that one day I will be able to walk to places without the fear of someone following me or others. Without the fear of someone hurting me or others. Without the fear of someone kidnapping me or others. The thought of something horrendous happening to you is scary enough.
    I have a dream that one day the population of human trafficking will decrease and the number of victims rescued will increase.
    I have a dream that one day the trafficking offenders will change their despicable actions and behaviors of the devil and instead stand with others that oppose human trafficking.

    Like the admirable ‘actor Ashton Kutcher, who co-founded of international the anti-human-trafficking organization Thorn,’ said “Technology can be used to enable slavery, but technology can also be used to disable slavery.”

    1. I really like this speech and how the beginning of your speech was and I was confused but when I got towards the end of the paragraph I got it.

    2. I made a mistake earlier but here it is.
      After reading this speech the first thought that came to my mind was ” wow, I like the imagery.” The images that you provided in the introduction had pointed out the reality of this horrific world. I also like how you wrote this speech in questions. The way you provided your thoughts on the topic of your speech is very neat. Also your thoughts and answers to the questions are also very nice. Great job!

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