The First Americans

We are going to begin learning about the First Americans, also called Native Americans. Write down information you can add to your categories.


We will watch this movie on Native Americans and this one on the Cherokee.

We will also watch a movie on the Iroquois Confederacy.


Then read Different Tribes, Different Times.

Read What Did Native Americans Do First?

Read and watch Early Native American Life (Click on California and then "go.") Be sure to click on the audio.

Look at this map from the year 1500 of what would be the United States.

Learn more about the buffalo.

Watch this movie on the Continents. You can watch this movie on the continents, too.

See how the first Americans came here.

Do these clozes on tepees and longhouses.

Go this page and click on "Interactive Maps." Then visit each of the maps.

Watch this National Geographic video about the first Americans.


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