The United States Doubles In Size


The Louisiana Purchase Video

Watch this Lewis and Clark movie.

Watch another movie about Lewis and Clark.

Watch this movie on Thomas Jefferson.


Read this passage and answer the questions.

Complete this cloze.

Read about Thomas Jefferson.

Explore his home. Then build your own version of his home.

Look at this activity about the Louisiana Purchase. Watch the video, too.

Watch this animation about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Watch this video.

Watch this video about the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Play this interactive timeline.

Watch this video and play the game.

Play Jefferson's West.

Look at this presentation about the expedition.

Play the Lewis & Clark Adventure Game.

Play this Lewis and Clark game.

Complete the Lewis and Clark Scavenger Hunt.

Watch one more video on Lewis and Clark.

Watch The Growth Of A Nation.

Read more about Jefferson.

Complete this Data Set about Thomas Jefferson.

Read about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. After you read it, please answer this question on your website:

Should history's opinion of Jefferson change because of the slaves he kept and his relationship with Hemings? Why or why not?

Complete this cloze about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Read about Sacajawea. Then answer this question:

What do you think might have happened to Lewis and Clark’s expedition without the help of Sacajawea and York?

Complete this Make and Break about the Louisiana Purchase.


Read about Sacajawea.

Thomas Jefferson Interactive


Watch this movie on Political Parties.

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