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Watch this movie and take the quizzes.

Watch this History Channel video.

Watch this video.

Read and watch this animation about an American Textile Mill. Be sure to click "Text" at the bottom.

Discover a steam engine.

Read about Transportation Systems in 1814.

Watch this movie about the Industrial Revolution.

Watch this animation.

Watch this movie about Children During The Industrial Revolution. It's about children in England, but life in the United States was very similar for kids.

Play Muck And Brass.

Try this interactive on the Inventors of the Industrial Revolution.


Go to the National and Regional Growth Chapter and explore the review, games, and quizzes.


Watch this movie on the Industrial Revolution.


Watch this movie about Tecumseh.

Watch this movie about James Madison.

We'll sing the chorus of this song in class:

We fired our guns and the British kept a-coming
There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more, and they began to running,
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

With A Partner:

Listen to the Star Spangled Banner and read the lyrics.

On Your Own:

Play A Sailors Life For Me game.

Watch this video, too.

Watch and listen to this animation about The War of 1812.

Complete this cloze.

Read about the War of 1812 and answer the questions.

Read more about the War of 1812 and the Star Spangled Banner.

Cast Your Vote 1812

War of 1812 Interactives

War Of 1812 Maps

If you have extra time, have some fun and make another flag here.

War of 1812 Timeline from Canada's Perspective


The Louisiana Purchase Video

Watch this Lewis and Clark movie.

Watch another movie about Lewis and Clark.

Watch this movie on Thomas Jefferson.


Read this passage and answer the questions.

Complete this cloze.

Read about Thomas Jefferson.

Explore his home. Then build your own version of his home.

Look at this activity about the Louisiana Purchase. Watch the video, too.

Watch this animation about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Watch this video.

Watch this video about the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Play this interactive timeline.

Watch this video and play the game.

Play Jefferson's West.

Look at this presentation about the expedition.

Play the Lewis & Clark Adventure Game.

Play this Lewis and Clark game.

Complete the Lewis and Clark Scavenger Hunt.

Watch one more video on Lewis and Clark.

Watch The Growth Of A Nation.

Read more about Jefferson.

Complete this Data Set about Thomas Jefferson.

Read about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. After you read it, please answer this question on your website:

Should history's opinion of Jefferson change because of the slaves he kept and his relationship with Hemings? Why or why not?

Complete this cloze about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Read about Sacajawea. Then answer this question:

What do you think might have happened to Lewis and Clark’s expedition without the help of Sacajawea and York?

Complete this Make and Break about the Louisiana Purchase.


Read about Sacajawea.

Thomas Jefferson Interactive


Watch this movie on Political Parties.