Civil War Question

We are going to begin to study the United States' Civil War.

Please talk with your family members to learn about their experiences or old family stories about civil wars in their native countries. Learn the answers to these questions:

What caused the Civil War?

How did it affect your family?

You can also find some background information here:

Movie on the Mexican Civil War

Article on Laotian Civil War

Russian Civil War

El Salvador Civil War (watch video clips)


Mexican Revolution

Benito Juarez

17 thoughts on “Civil War Question

  1. yongquanhe

    The civil war of China was the year from 1927 to 1949. The fighting were between the communist party and nationlist party. At the end the communist party won. The civil war didn’t affected my family a lot. The important things after the civil war were the people had the house to lived, had the land to fram, grow corps for food, and became freedom.

  2. Ger

    My parent remember that during the civil war in thier country, many people die.It was a chaos, people fight each other but they like brothers and sisters.It make them feel sad and anger.

  3. wandee yang

    my parents told me that when the war begin my parent were scared and move from loas to of getting kill. but mom feel bad because she had big farm-crops and pig , chicken left behind.

  4. lue vang

    my mama told me that the solder should be a danger because they is scare each other people cause they will shooting all the hmong people. my mama say on that time her is a young woman and that is the first time my mama saw in her life, that so scare to see hmong paople die everywhere in the littler city.

  5. Toua Khang

    My parent tell me that when they still in Loas. Some hmong bring some vietnam poepleto kill my parent and their family. Then they shoot my parent and their house. My grandma and grandpa got shot and then they died.

  6. doua

    My father tell me that when the war begain in lao and the soldier came to kill the hmong people and my family run to the forest and hid atfer that my family came to thailand

  7. shawal khawar

    In civil war my mom said their was a lot voilence their was nothing to eat chid was crying during the war their was nothing to drink

  8. kathia

    my mother remembers that in the mexican revolution women had to help the men by bringing them water and cooking for them.
    my father told me that women was important to the men because they helped do several things.

  9. samuel

    the mexican american war effect to all the country, because mexico lost a lot territory, and if mexico had not lost territory,mexico would be a rich country.

  10. maineng

    My parent told me about the civil war that the secret war began about the time the united states bacame actively involved in the vietnam war. Hmong people in Laos to fight against north vietnamese amy intruders into Laos duing the vientam war. Also, my parent they more Laos to Thailand because they don’t want to lives there and they don’t want to dies slso, vietnam people will kill them. So they has to more to Thailand. After that my family, we more to united states.

  11. kengyang

    my parent tell me that the vintnam kill hmong people and they escape to laos and thailand. some hmong peoples got kill but some are not. they grow food in the ground. also some of them still live in the jungle.

  12. ong

    my parent tell me about when she still lived in Laos there have something is happen in Laos.The soldier is searching my parent and these people whos lived in Laos killing.After that my parent escape to Thailand and she is came to american to get freedom.

  13. duy bui

    my family told me french keep my country 1000 years and change my country do my family and everyone need to fought french for freedoom but my family so lucky noone die in that war and then RANGEEND_DIENBIENPHU The French surrender to the Viet Minh. The Geneva Conference on the status of Indochina begins.

  14. Thien-Y Huynh

    Vietnam War – China, 1979, or commonly called border war Vietnam – China in 1979 is a short but fierce battle between the People’s Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, broke out on February 17, 1979 when the ancient Chinese troops attacked Vietnam along the entire border between the two countries.
    The Spring Campaign in 1975, my mom and my aunt were forced to prison because they tried to cross-border when the war started. They stayed in the prison about few months later and then the soldiers gave their freedom.

  15. yer her

    what caused civil war?? yes because when my mom and dad still live their old country. one day some people come to force my mom and dad, all the people that live there have to leave and move to Thailand. after that we were came to American.

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