The Rise Of Dictators

SAS Adolf Hitler

SAS Winston Churchill (Not a dictator, but the leader of England)

SAS Munich Crisis

SAS Trotsky and Stalin

Watch this video on the Rise of Dictators

The Great Depression interactive

Brainpop Great Depression Causes

Brainpop Great Depression

Brainpop Adolf Hitler

Look at these color photographs of the Great Depression.

Watch this slideshow about the Great Depression.

Watch these videos about The Great Depression.

Take this test about the Depression.

Read more about The Great Depression.

Take this quiz on The Great Depression.


Write at least two “leads” for newspaper articles about events covered in this chapter. First, review these links to learn about “leads” (also called “ledes”):

How to Write a News Article: The Intro or Lede is from St. Petersburg College.

How to Write a Lead is from Purdue.

Examples – just look at the first paragraphs of the examples.

More Examples – again, just look at the first paragraphs of the stories.

Newspaper Game

BBC Newspaper Game

Newspaper Story Format from Read Write Think.

Who, What, When, Where Game


One thought on “The Rise Of Dictators

  1. 1:-The German government on February 27, 1933, portrayed the fire of parliament a part of communist effort to overthrow the state in Germany.
    2:-Hitler and Nazis party on 9 November 1923 led a coalition group attempted to create a government based on race in Germany.

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