Ancient Civilization Lesson 2: The Nile and Egypt

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Why was the Nile important to the civilization of ancient Egypt? What part did it play in the religion?

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  • Christy X.

    What I learned is that the Nile River is everything for them because they need water to grow crops. They have to make sure that they don’t have to much and to less. They also need water to water the crops, so that they wont go working on an empty stomach.

  • Madeline C.

    The Nile is important because it is like the main road to go somewhere. Also it lets crops grow and it tells when something is flooded. lastly their brush is red black.

  • See T.

    I learned that the Nile River is the heart of all Egypt. Also, the Nile river part is to keep the crops watered, and to keep Egypt from going dry.

  • Jimmy C.

    The Nile is important because without crops people could not make scrolls or eat food.

  • David.v

    The Nile is were they transport the people to where they want to go. The Nile also help the crop grow. The Nile is where they could get there water to drink it so they want get tired.

  • Tabitha

    The Nile is important because it does a lot to help the environment and life.the Nile is like a door to help the living grow better.The plants show if something went wrong or there homes are in danger.

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