Taking a Stand Lesson Six

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Mr. Kurtzman’s class

Like last week you will be working on research for the “Living Museum”. Use the links at the right, or do a Google search for information.  You should take notes in either a Google Document, or on paper with pen/pencil.

Ms. Liemthongsamout’s class

Think about a problem in your neighborhood or community that needs to be changed. What is that problem? Why does it need to be changed? Please send me three complete sentence describing the problem, why it is a problem, and why you think it needs to be fixed.


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  • Yeng K.

    The problem is that there are too many stray dogs and dogs not in a gate. It is a problem because when I walk home I don’t want to get bit from a dog. I think it needs to be fixed because I don’t want to get rabies from a stray dog.

  • Koua T.

    At my neighborhood all we need is to change 2 things:one thing is that the police stations should keep track of the people who are bad.Second is that people should chain their dogs or train them not to chase random people.

  • Maurice.w

    I think that in my neighborhood people like to steal and i think they should not do it.

  • Akire C.

    A problem in my life is a I be getting mad a lot.In my neighborhood people like to have fights.

  • Keith S.

    I think the problem for my class is we’re not doing good on our math. It’s a problem because our test scores are going down. The class needs to pay more attention on the math we are doing.

  • richmond e

    A problem in my neighborhood is drug sailing. people get killed over it. and it gives our neighborhood a bad reputation.

  • Andre.M

    In my neighborhood people burn rubber in the middle of the street.The problem is it is to noisy.It needs to be fixed because people has work and they don”t get to sleep.

  • Jose.H

    There is to many trash on the floor. I think we can fix it by not throwing trash on the floor!!!!

  • Natali M.

    A problem that I have in my community is the Ganges.It’s a problem because they write on people property and also on their cars.I think it should be change because it’s getting out of control.

  • Cristina E.

    A problem that my community has is about gangs around my neighborhood. The gangs also write a lot of graffiti on peoples buildings. So all the neighborhood is protesting of that.

  • Monti.a

    The problem in my naborhood is the freeway that is right next to my house.It is a problem because it is to hard to sleep. And it needs to be changed because it is disturbing.

  • tyrek w.

    A problem that my community has is about gangs around my neighborhood.

  • josepz

    The problem is that theirs no arcade in front of my house and a store 2 buy some Hotcheetos also I want their 2 be a skatepark so I could ride my skatebord

  • yuruvith s.

    In my neighborhood there is trash on the ground and I think that it is wrong.People should learn that the ground is not trash.If people drop trash they are making the neighborhood as a dumpster.And if other people see that, they will think that our neighborhood is being careless.Our neighborhood should take a stand,by at least picking up the trash and being respectful in the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adriana R.

    The main three problems in our community are many people need to recycle.And we also need to be cleaner in our streets.The last thing is we need our community to be sure that the animals don’t dig in our trash cans.

  • Travis.h

    my neighborhood need more toys and more time out side so we don’t have to be bored all day in side are house. i think are problem in are class is that we suck at are math we need more practice at are math and other we stuff don’t get that well. Are BIG PROBLEM !!! is that we use a teddy bears in a Community circle come on were not little kids not to be mean are nothing Ms. lliemthongsamout’s.

  • Amairani A.

    The problem in our community is trash . We should take a stand to stop dropping trash in the community.It can cause problems because it will get the planet dirty .

  • TimothyV.

    The problem in my neighborhood is that i see a lot of Cops looking for the bad people. They run to the bad peoples homes. The cops said to all of the neighbors to stay in your homes.

  • Katie N.

    There are to many dogs that jump over fences or that can get out of fences.It needs to be changed because to many dogs get out and chase people.Also the dogs can attack people and they can get bit by the dog.


    My neighborhood needs to be change because there are bad kids in my neighborhood . The problem is that they are always doing something bad.It needs to be fixed so they wont beat up people.

  • grecia

    one problem there is ,is that many people leave their garbage in the street.It needs to be changed because it looks like a dumpster. that is a problem i have in the neighborhood.

  • Shauna z

    The problem in my neighborhood is that people litter to much.I think littering is bad and it kills the environment.So that’s why I think it needs to be fix.

  • Rosa V.

    In my neighborhood there is a problem because people throw trash in the garbage can with

  • shelley v.

    In my neighborhood at night time there’s a lot people that is very loud at that time,so when me and my family sleeps their is lots of noise and i think that it is a wrong thing to do.I think that it needs to be change,so other people can have a good night sleep because probably they will have to wake up early in the morning to go to work or for children who needs to go to school too.I also think that they shouldn’t be very loud at night when it’s very late too because they also need to go to school and when they don’t have a good night sleep get very sleepy in class and then they will probably sleep in class,so they will get in trouble if they get caught while sleeping in class.

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