Music Lesson Two: Musical Genres

February 27, 2010 by alicemercer · 18 Comments · assignments

Do these activities until the bell rings:

Hands-Only CPR – Create Your Own Hands Symphony

After watching a video on a musical  genre:

  1. What did you learn about that genre?
  2. What can you share with others about this genre?

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  • brandon

    You could play music with your hands. you could send messages.

  • Abigail S.

    I learned that the Blues is mostly played slow. I can share information with my classmates. I could say that the Blues us played slowly. Also the song could be an emotional event that happened to the artist.

  • Colby.d

    I learned that blues came from slavery.They sang work songs with each other.I don’t like the songs that they have from blues.

  • matthew

    l learned that the music was good the songs were great they were fun l can share is did you like the music was it fun.

  • David.V

    I learn about the blues that it came from slavery. I learn that the slavery people sangs song together. I could share this genre with a person that have not listen to it.

  • LoganP.

    We are learning about blues .It is cool because the guitar they use sounds weird but cool.

  • Christy X.

    I learned that music has different notes. The robot was really good at playing the Guitar. They are all different because they play different vocals.

  • yengv.

    I don’t listen to blues.The guitar is cool because I heard it and it was good.I think I don’t want to share anything about the blues.

  • DayanaN

    I Learned about The Blues it is very interesting i never heard of it before . They had different kind of music . That they are very interesting to listen to the.

  • Destiny G.

    1.JazzBlues, I do learn about but not that much.2.I learned that its kind of slow.3.That it is interesting if you get to know it.

  • See T.

    I learned that the blues came from the south. I can share with others that the blues are sad songs.

  • Mireya D.

    Blues is music. African Americans started singing it as slaves.

  • Lisa S.

    I learned that the Blues are slow sound. Musics are like different notes and I can share about some Blues songs.



  • Cynthia Q.

    I learned that you don’t have to use instruments to make music. You can use things around you I had a fun time learning music. People listen to blues when they’re sad.

  • Eloisa V.

    1. What genre that you don’t listen to, did you learn about?I learn about the movie it was about music blues.2.What did you learn about that genre?I learn about music.

  • Lourdes M

    The Blues have a bar and lost of people go there.

  • larhondra

    Blues music is from America. The slaves made it for when they were working.

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