Music Lesson 3: More Musical Genres

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After watching a video on Latin music, answer these questions:

  1. What did you learn about that genre?
  2. How does it compare and contrast with Blues music that we learned about last week?

and do one of these activities:

Fractions of a Second: An Olympic Musical – Interactive Graphic –

Planting Ideas

Until the timer rings

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  • David.V

    The different thing about the blues and the Latin is that the blues is with a guiltier and the Latin is with a lot of different instrument. The same is that they use instrument.

  • Colby.d

    I learned that I like it a little.Blues and Latin sound the same.Blues is better than Latin.

  • Cynthia Q.

    What I learned is that blues and Latin music have in common that they both are music. The difference between them are that they have rhythm.
    Cynthia, is that last sentence true? If they BOTH have rhythm, that is not a difference. Do they have different rhythms? It’s not clear, please send a reply correcting just the last sentence. — Ms. Mercer

    • Cynhia Q.

      Latin music is the same as the blues because they both are music. The difference between Latin and blues is that people listen to it when they are sad. Latin is for fast dancing like salsa.

  • Destiny G.

    Blues and Latin are the same because they are both music.The differences between them is that blues is slow and Latin is fast.

  • Yeng K.

    Both Latin Music and The Blues come from Africa singing. The difference between The Blues and Latin Music is that Latin is faster and The Blues are slower.

  • Natali M.

    The blues and the Latin are the same because the both are from different places.The blues is different from the Latin because the blues are slower but the Latin is more of a danceable song.

  • Katie N.

    blues is really slow music. Latin is a fast beat music. they are not really the same.

  • Yuruvith S.

    Both kind of music, latin and blues, have something in common and some things that are different. One of the things in common is that they both are made by African people. One thing that are different from these two is that the blues are slow and latin is faster than the blues.

  • jasmine M.

    What I learn is that both blues and Latin are from African slaves.The difference between Latin and the blues is that Latin music is faster and the blues music is slower.

  • JulieannaF.

    Blues and Latin are the same because they are both music.The differences between them is that blues is slow and Latin is fast.

  • Richmond e.

    Latin music and the blues are kind of the same because they both come from African roots. but they are also different because of their tempo

  • shelley v.

    The Latin was fast and the blues were slow. Also the instrument is the same for some of them like the violin, it has same instruments, but it is how they play it slow or fast.

  • Grecia v

    salsa is different from the blues because salsa is faster than the blues.the blues is mostly in English and salsa is in other languages.

  • Cristina E.

    The salsa is different because it a dance that you can move fast and the blues you just rhyme and not really move but, they are both music to enjoy and hear.

  • Shauna z

    The same about the blues and Latin music is that they both got rhythms from Africa.The different’s is that they have different beat’s and different languages .

  • Sonnyt.

    The Africans Americans sang the blues when they were working and they singing the blues when they wonted slavery to end.
    I think that the blues and Latin are both good music

  • Rosa V.

    Blues music The blues come from West Africa. Slaves song blues when there life was horibile. The Blues were invented by African Americans. The blues notes repeat sometimes or all times.

    Latin Music. Latin music comes from Africans. And Latin music has fast beat. Latin music makes you want to dance. There’s a lot of types of Latin music like.

    Blues and Latin come from the same continent witch is Africa.

  • Andre.M

    Black people stated to sing first before making instruments.When they first made instruments they started singing songs that were slow witch was called Jazz,Blues,Salsa,and Tango.After that they started making Hip-Hop witch is kind of black music because most black people listen to Hip-Hop.

  • Travis.h

    All music have different beat like blue the blues was first came from Africa slave when they work out on the field and we got a lot of music like Jazz,Blues,Salsa,tango and R&B,hip-hop,rap and now there making comedy songs but almost anything got a beat n rhythm to it that you can dance to. Music comes from the heart and mine you just got to think about it you can make any beat. =] yall better like it k im just joking)

  • Monti A

    Latin and the Blues both have the same rythyem .But latin is much faster.

  • tyrek w.

    The Blues is different than Latin music because they speek different languages and the Blues only speek English and they different types of things.

  • Abigail S.

    Well the similarities of both Latin Music and the Blues is a type of music. Also, both musics could be played slow and fast. The difference is that they have different types of beats and the Blues is mostly played slow when Latin music has a fast beat to it.

  • vinai x.

    blues and Latin are the same because they are music.The difference between them is that blues is slow then Latin

  • Madeline C.

    Latin and Blues are the same because it both came from Africa singing. The difference between the Latin is that it is faster and the Blues is slower.

  • Christy X.

    They both are making music by their instrument. Their instrument came from Africa. The Blues are the earliest band to play their songs. The Blues is only in the U.S. and they are still popular in these days. The Blues plays slow rhythms. The Latin have fast rhythms. They both have the same instrument that came from Africa. The Latin has different languages when they sings and the Blues has English words.

  • yengv.

    Both Latin music and the Blues come from Africa.The Latin is faster than the blues.

  • See T.

    I learned that the blues is different from the Latin because the blues has slower beats, and the Latin music has a faster beat. I also know that the blues has English words and the Latin has different languages. The same thing that both musics have in common is that they are both traditional songs.

  • Lisa S.

    The Blues and the Latin are both music and they are making music with their instruments. The Blues and the Latin both came from Africa. The differences between the Blues and Latin music are that they have different rhythm. The Blues are fast rhythm and the Latin are slow rhythm. That’s the common and the differences between the Blues and the Latin.

  • LaRhondra B.

    The same about them is that they both make sounds and they use the same things to make the sounds but .

    • LaRhondra

      Jazz, Latin and the Blues both have the same rhythm but the Latin songs are much faster. They are different because of the lanuage .

  • leng v.

    They are different because blues is slow and Latin is fast.They are the same because they are both instrument.

  • Colby.d

    What I learned about Latin is that is is very soft tone of music.Blues is more of a strong feeling.They are the same because they have alot of different tones.

  • Destiny H.

    I think that Latin, Jazz , Blues they are the same because they are all music, they are all English except for Latin it is in Spanish. The differences are they have there own style. And they speak different.

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