Music Lesson Six: Lyrics and Figurative Language

April 2, 2010 by alicemercer · 41 Comments · assignments

Ms. Lily’s class did a lesson with Mr. Knighton on figurative language in lyrics. Figurative language is language where there things stand for something else (like a rose for a romance), or what is said is not literally true, but instead conveys another meaning (example, “I’ve got your back” does not mean you have or are holding my back).

Please go to Lyrics Mode and find the lyrics to a song you like and is appropriate for school (that means no cussing, drugs, drinking, or “romance” beyond the kissing stage). Copy the URL for the lyrics, and send me a comment with that URL or link, and why you picked the song. I will be looking for a song with good figurative language for us to “study” next time. If I pick your song, I will make it worth your while with a reward to be determined later.

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