The Civil War


Read this short summary of the Civil War.

Watch this movie on the Civil War and take the quizzes.

For these next activities, be sure to click on the state of California first in order to access the online interactive.

Watch The Civil War Begins. Be sure to click on the lower left hand corner so you can read the words as they are spoken.

Watch The Early Years Of The War. Be sure to click on the lower left hand corner so you can read the words as they are spoken.

Watch The States Choose Sides.

Watch Naval Action At Vicksburg.

Watch The Battle at Gettysburg.

Watch The Confederacy Falls.

Watch this video on The Impact Of The Civil War.

Watch all the videos on this page.

You can visit this page and watch the videos there.

Look at these pictures from the Civil War.

Watch this slideshow on the Civil War.

Listen to this song that people sang because they wanted soldiers they loved to come back home from the war.

Learn about People In The Civil War.

Learn about Clara Barton, who began The Red Cross to help injured soldiers during the Civil War.

Watch The Civil War In Four Minutes.

Read about Life As A Soldier and do the assignment on your website.


Complete this cloze on the Civil War.

Learn more about the Civil War.

Play "Who Am I?"

these Civil War videos.

You can act out the civil war on your own or with a partner.

Look at these photos:

The Civil War, Part 1: The Places

The Civil War, Part 2: The People

The Civil War, Part 3: The Stereographs


Many African-Americans fought for the Union during the Civil War, though at first they were not allowed to become soldiers.  Once they became soldiers, they could only have White officers.  They fought bravely.  Here are some clips from a movie called "Glory," which was about a group of famous African-American soliders who fought in the war:  Many of the soldiers in this group died in the war.


11 thoughts on “The Civil War

  1. ying vue

    yes, there was a civil war in my culture. when they were in vietnam, the vietnamese people attack them and they have to leave their home. many people had died and lost their home.

  2. Corintia Fuentes

    How the civil war in my country did affect my family?

    The civil war affected my family because the people could not go to pray to church. The people was afraid to pray or have there own belief. The people did not wanted to be scared of having the freedom of affected my family because the people fought to have their own beliefs.Today you can chose your own religion.

  3. Payia Moua

    Hmong and Vietnam War start from about 1955 to 1975. My parents they live in the Vietnam land. When Hmong and Vietnam their fight my parents had to leave their home and their land. My parent’s they very scared because has a lot of peoples die in the war and my parents they very scary because they don’t want to die. My parent’s they had to hide in the jungle to escape from the communists. Their wives and family members would then bring them food. While they were hiding in the jungle, the communist force started to advance into Hmong villages. After communist victory over Laos in 1975, patent lap forces started taking over Hmong parents move to Thailand they very miss their home.

  4. keng her

    My parents tell me that when civil war in laos, alots of hmong people got kill by hidding mountain and river and some people got kills.

  5. Neng

    The causes that affect my family in Laos were during the year 1975 it an effect our family because of the war that making a lot of the Hmong people that died by no food to eat. Also my parent they just running to survived in the jungle. During that year the Vietnam was bomb to every Hmong people so that get people moving from everywhere and there also no choice for my parent there just run and stay alive.

  6. Deissy

    My mother remember that in the Mexican Revolution women had to help the men to bring them water and they help with making the food.
    My father told me that women were an important to the men because while they are fighting the wmen help to do several things.

  7. chou

    My grandma told that lao soldiers killed them and chasing my family through mountain.especially, my parents want to rebell to the lao soldiers but that was impossible.

  8. kengyang

    my paretn tell me that the vintnam kill hmong people and thy escape. some got kill but some are not. they grow food in the grould. also some of them still live in the jungle.

  9. lorena

    I remember that my family said they lived a few years of fear and terror, but the war led to the liberation of the peasants and that it caused the implementation of curfews amongs the people.

  10. Mariana Hernsndez

    The war arose from the widespred civil disorder that plagued the early years of the Mexican republic.
    In 1838 a french pastry cook, Monsieur remondel, claimed that his shop in the tacubaya district of mexico city had been ruined by looting Mexican officers in 1828.

  11. karen sagrero

    My family told me that they remember the pastry war in april 16 1838 and march 9 1839. The war was between french and mexico, the war was fought because the french citizenz where living in mexico during a prolonged period of strife and their goverment refused any sort of reperations but it also had to do with the longstanding mexican debt.

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