Shugo Chara Pucchi Puchi

Here is my favorite thing about Shugo Chara Party, And one of my favorites is ”What’s the Category?” it’s so funny. Shugo Chara Party first half is boring,why, Because it has colplayers and it takes the fun out of the anime :-(. Thats all thank you for your time.

Stuff I want to say but can’t

I wonder if hitting my head on the desk makes me dummer? Do you like corn? What’s your favorite color? What’s you favorite show and why? Do you think I’m weird? Do you have friends? Why I’m I asking stuff that don’t make sence?

Plz anwser this in comment box and Tell the turth

oh and the turth is I suck at spelling

Why I like Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a old anime show that will reair in summer 2013. The show is about a girl name Serena, or in japanese Usagi, and finds out she is Sailor Moon and promise to keep safe the universe and later she meets Tuxedo Mask(Darien), Sailor Mercuy(Amy), Sailor Mars(Rai), Sailor Jupiter(Leada), and others. There is a lot of surprises in each one like…well thats the funny part you just have to watch and find out. Oh when you watch the movie you’ll be a little confuse because the timeline of it is little off. Well if you like amine and girl super heros then be prepared for a lot of laughs.

Why I like The Sims.

Sims is a game for a few things but I have it for Wii. Sims is where you make people(or some people would say Sim) in create-a-Sim where you give it’s information, traits, appearance , and other stuff and your household can have as many sims as you like but the limit is 8 or 9. When you are done in create-a-Sim you can get started playing with life until they are dead. When you play they have life time wishes and points so there life can be great. I hope you start to play The Sims.


Warning: When playing this game they are speaking Simlish so no one know what they are saying just saying