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  1. Bob Marley was a talented person he had challenges
    , successes, personality and he had beliefs. Well I am
    About to tell you some of this things. well people saw
    Him as an outsider in the “ghetto” because of his light skin.
    He got shot on some of his concerts but he didn’t really care
    He just went to the other concert. He also had cancer on his
    Legs and they told him he had to cut it or he’ll died but he refused

    To cut it. His songs became famous and he started getting rich then
    By the time he knew he became an icon to people to be peace.
    He was one of a kind like unique. He helped people on what they needed
    Help on and also he liked to play soccer I don’t know if he was actually good or not.
    He became famous for singing and his beliefs. Bob Marley was a legend of
    Reggae music, he also believed in god. Well that’s all I’m about to tell you, the rest
    You have to learn about.

  2. PEOPLE SAW HIM AS AN OUTSIDER IN THE “GHETTO” BECAUSE OF HIS LIGHT SKIN. When he was getting old he had cancer in his toes. This spread to his heart then his brain. Bob Marley died in 1981. He was only in his 20’s.
    He became an icon for Jamaica’s reggae music. He also became a legend in the reggae music world. His music became national and international hits.
    Bob Marley was a real sensitive person with a lot of hurt inside. Bob Marley would go over bored just to make people happy. Bob Marley was in a band before going solo, his band was called “THE WAILERS”.

  3. Bob Marley

    Would you like to know who Bob Marley is? I’m going to be telling you about him his challenges, successes, personality.
    One of the challenges that Bob Marley face was that people saw s an outsider in the “ghetto” because of his light skin. He got cancer in his tones which spread to his lung then his brain. That the cause why he die.
    Some of the Successes that he made. He becomes the most famous all over the world. He is a reggae singer.
    His personality. He is a person who never picks faith or violence to resolve some. Before he left, he married Rita Marley. Bob Marley was in a band before going solo; his band name was “the wailers”.


  4. Chuehue Thao
    Per 1-2
    Bob Marley
    Do you know who Bob Marley is? He was an awesome musician from Jamaica. He was born in Feb. 6 1945. A lot of people knew Bob Marley from his generosity and his good music. He spent most of his early years with his mother in St. Ann. When he was in his teens, he and his mother moved to Kingston, Jamaica.

    Growing up for him was very hard. He had many challenges in his life. There were people that saw him as an outsider in the “ghetto” because of his skin. He grew up in a town where everyone around was rough. There was a lot of sadness inside him, which would come over him now and then. During his childhood, he faced a lot of experiences of poverty and violence.

    Bob Marley was a very successful person. He has achieved many things. He became an icon of peace for the Jamaican music. His music hits became national and international. Bob became very well known for his music. Bob had been awarded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also his songs and albums has won lots of honors. He was regarded as the God of Reggae.

    His personalities were a kind of personality people thought would come every 2000 years. He was a strong person, and for being such a strong person, he would made a lot of successes in his life. He was a very sensitive person. Also, he was very generous. He liked to work his hardest for people around to make them happy.

    Bob Marley is a very great person and musician. In May 11, 1981, Bob died of cancer in Miami.

  5. Bob Marley

    Almost 27 years after bob Marley death he music still inspires people and brings people calmness. In this essay I will tell you about this sensitive man. Bob Marley’s father died when he was 10 years old, and his mother moved with him to Kingston’s Trench town neighborhood after his death. As a young teen, he befriended Bunny Wailer, and they learned to play music together. Born on February 6, 1945 on ST. Ann parish in Jamaica. Bob Marley wrote music about injustice and his songs are one of the best in the last 50 years. This man is Jamaica’s highest honor.

    People saw him as an outsider in the “ghetto” because of his light skin. Another challenge is he was a sensitive man with lots of hurt inside of him. While on a tour to France, Marley re-injured his right toe during a soccer game. This happened on may 1996. Witch caused cancer on that toe witch spread to his lungs, heart, and brain.

    Aside from Marley’s challenges, his successes were and are being an icon for reggae music. As I said he sang for injustice, he was excepted in his country with his light skin. Bob Marley recorded his first two singles in 1962. Bob Marley married Rita Anderson in 1966, and spent a few years in Delaware with his mom. When Marley returned to Jamaica he participated in Rastafarian. And began growing his signature dreadlocks. Marley then took the usage of “ganja” marijuana.

    His personality was awesome always just thought about helping people and making them happy. He may enjoyed the reputation of a tuff gong because he was a scrappy street fighter but he much rather preferred a match of soccer. Over all he was a very nice person.

    Bob Marley beliefs were to give people everything they needed to be happy, he would help people out even if there goats were in trouble.

  6. Robert Nesta Marley Was Born in St. Ann his mother was black and he had a white father. I am going to tell you about Marley’s challenges and successes.

    Marley Had some challenges like when he was a kid he was bullied a lot because of his skin color. It was lighter than everyone else’s skin so they all saw him as an outsider. Even though he was called an outsider he would help other people to make them happy.

    Marley was a very successful man when he was 18 he made a band with some of his friends called the Wailers. On April 22, 1978 they had a One Love Peace Concert more than 30,000 people showed up to see the Wailers and other performers.

    Bob Marley is famous for singing.

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