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  1. 5 things learned:
    1.30,000 climbers are sent to Kilimanjaro every year.
    2.Kilimanjaro has 6 routes that you can take.
    3.The quickest route is Marangu.
    4.Chagga people can carry up to 50lb. on their heads.
    5.January-February and mid-June through mid-October are the main climbing seasons
    5 things want to learn:
    1.How high is Kilimanjaro?
    2.How old is Mt. Everest?
    3.What place is Kilimanjaro in?
    4.Is it harder going up or down Mt. Everest?
    5.What is the average amount of people who die on Kilimanjaro yearly?

  2. 5 things learned:
    1.Kilimanjaro has six routes to the summit.
    2.Matterhorn mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy.
    3.Matterhorn was the last great Alpine peak
    4.Kilimanjaros has many ecological zones
    5. Sherpa dance at the end of puja
    5 things want to learn:
    1. Why do sherpa dance after puja
    2.How many ecological zone does Kilimanjaros have?
    3.What made Matterhorn the last peak?
    4.Which one of the Kilimanjaro routes is the longest?
    5.Who named it Kilimanjaros?

  3. 5 things I learned is the most used route for climbing Kilimanjaro is Marangu. Kilimanjaro has the region’s most weirdest plants. Chagga is people who inhabit Kilimanjaro. lava tower is above Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro has two climbing Seasons.Uhuru is the highest point in Africa.

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