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It is important to to learn about Bloom’s Taxonomy?

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22 thoughts on “Bloom’s Taxonomy ABC Or Fotobabble

  1. Bloom’s Taxonoy-

    Bloom’s Taxonomy is important to learn because by using Bloom’s Taxonomy, you become a highr-level thinking person. Like, for example we do a Bloom’s Taxonomy, about The Three Little Pigs and at first I was a little bit struggling with it, but then, by looking at the notes, we took for Bloom’s Taxonomy, I finally understand it. For me, I think Bloom’s Taxonomy is very good for learning.

  2. To me, Bloom’s Taxonomy is important. I think that it is important because it helps strengthen your brain. For example, when we did Bloom’s Taxonomy for The Three Little Pigs, it was difficult at first. But after a while, things got easier and i understood everything. Bloom’s Taxonomy is very helpful for learning.

  3. Yes, I think Bloom’s Taxonomy helps me alot. It’s very useful when you have no idea how to write a good question. Also it gives you many wonderful ideas how to write your questions better. I think Bloom’s Taxonomy should be the number one that you should use as a guide to help you make your questions better.

  4. It is important to learn about Bloom’s Taxonomy because It helps you like a organizer so I think it is like a organizer. It is like a organizer because you have to put one idea in each box. The last box,create, would then make you think of something you can do for whatever your goal was. Another reason that I think it is like a organizer because it would help on what your goal would be like, a job. You would put what you think you should put in one box each. This happened in real life from when it was my first time doing Bloom’s Taxonomy and my goal was to read better so I put some ideas in the boxes and I think it helped me better.

  5. Yes, i think it’s an important way to learn because it tells steps by steps and makes you think harder so that your neurons will grow. Like in the Bloom’s Taxonomy I tried it with a partner to make a Bloom’s Taxonomy on Mount Everest and it worked when i went steps by steps, i can explain clearly. I think that Bloom’s Taxonomy is a helping way of teaching and learning.

  6. I think it is important to learn about bloom’s taxonamy because it shows higher levels of learning. We learn using the lowest level or form: remember. As you go up the pyramid you get to higher levels of thinking. Using these levels makes your brain grow.

  7. Is it important to learn about bloom’s taxonomy?
    I think it is important to learn about bloom’s taxonomy because even people don’t use it often. We still need them to write essays or a stay describing something. Perhaps “the three little pigs” they use bloom’s taxonomy I most there story giving details of what steps there using and the language they use to describe there problems. I connect to this because I think I have been using it lately and I think it works for me since it helps me specifically I understanding what I’m writing about.

  8. Yes, I think that bloom’s taxonomy is important because it helps readers better understand the pasage of withch they are reading. It is a challenege to learn bloom’s taxonomy but it will help you alot with your reading and comprehending what your read and being able to summwerize it in better detail.

  9. It is important to learn about Bloom’s Taxonomy. It is important because it help us understand more about the subject/topic we’re learning about. It also help us understand better about whatever we’re learning about or doing. I think it’ll help other as well in learning about whatever they are learning as well.

  10. It is important to learn about blooms takonomy because you can make your “Brain Grow Stronger”. It makes your brain grow stronger because it helps you remember about the things that you learn in the past and the things that you are learning now. Thats why i think that blooms taxonomy is important.

  11. I think that it is important to learn Blooms Taxonomy. I think it’s important because it helps you become more intelligent and think up more intelligent questions starters. Blooms Taxonomy is something we use everyday but we don’t know it.

  12. I think it is important to learn about bloom’s taxonomy because bloom’s taxonomy builds up criticcal thinking and learning and remembering skills. It strengthens and stretching our brain. Bloom’s Taxonomy is also important for teachers, memorizing and regurgitating information, though it has its uses, is the easiest to teach. Student learn a lot they go from basic thinking level to high creating level.

  13. Is it important to learn about Bloom’s Taxonomy?
    In my opinion I think this is a good type of strategy to learn. Even though its not used a lot it can come in handy. For Example we Have used Blooms taxonomy in the Story “3 Little pigs “. I connect to this because at first I did not know how to use it & now its an easy way to use when Your Trying to come up with new ideas.

  14. Bloom’s Taxonomy ABC
    Alejandro Sosa
    I believe that it is not important to learn about blooms taxonomy because there are many different types of methods people use to learn. But at the same time I do, because it gives people a wider range of more, and maybe even better learning methods. Like when we use the lowest level of blooms taxonomy (remember), we begin to work our way back up the pyramid, allowing someone to store even more memory.

  15. Bloom’s Taxonomy is not important because ti is very confusing to me. You can think and think but it is very confusing and what is Bloom’s Taxonomy I still don’t know what it is. One of my friends said “I still don’t get it why are we doing this?”

  16. Genaro Molina 5/13/2011 per.03
    Why Bloom’s Taxonomy is important
    I believe that Bloom’s Taxonomy is a very important method to use when you are reading a story because it is very helpful in many levels like it helps you identify different categories in the story that you are reading about. Also it helps you get a better understanding of what you are reading and what the story is about.
    Like for example when I was reading the story about the three little pigs and I had to get some sentences from the story and categorize them to Bloom’s Taxonomy and I was a little confused about what the categories were and then I looked at the pyramid that we did and I got back on track.

  17. Is it important to learn about Blooms Taxonomy?
    Yes it is important to learn about bloom’s taxonomy because it tells you the 6 different things in writing. Because with out that you wouldn’t know what you was reading. Like the pyramid that we had made “evaluate, create, remember, analyze, understand , and apply” those are the 6 that will help you wen you read. When I was reading a passage yesterday I used those 6 and they really helped me.

    Yes I think bloom’s taxonomy is important because it shows you how to visualize about what your learning step by step also teaching you how to be organizer like showing you to have problem –solving skills helping better..

  19. Study about blooms is important because it help my brain get smart; helps at better memorize what I’m learning about. For example when I’m trying to remember things for my test, at the next day I already forgotten , but if I use create, evaluate, analyze it would help me to stick it to your head. 🙂

  20. Bloom’s Taxonomy ABC
    No, I don’t think Bloom’s Taxonomy is important. It’s not important to me because, how is it going to help me later on in life? That’s the question that pops into my head; if it’s not going to help me later on in life then it’s not important to me. Bloom’s Taxonomy reminds me of the food pyramid. Same size and same shape, but not the same information or thing.

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