Ethnic Studies Project

Once you have completed all three parts of your ethnic studies project — cloze, data set, and make and break — upload all of them into one comment. You must wait until all three are complete so that they can all be in one comment, with all three of your names in the comment area. Also post the answer sheets.

You can upload each document into Crocodoc, and then copy and paste the “share” link that says:

Share read-only document
Anyone who visits this link can see your notes but cannot make changes to this document.

In case you have lost your instructions for the project, you can access them through this link.

Here are some places to start your research:

The Best Websites To Teach & Learn About African-American History

The Best Sites For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The Best Websites To Learn About The Hmong

The Best Resources For Hispanic Heritage Month

The Best Sites For Learning About Cesar Chavez

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