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19 thoughts on “Rights

  1. I think that kids shouldn’t be judged by their skin color, religion, age, or gender. Also, I think that kids shouldn’t have to be in the military at 17

  2. Children deserve better than being alone without parents. Also they deserve better food. Today at least we are helping the children that are alone.

  3. I think kids shouldn’t be judge from how they are or how they dress or look.Also what color skin they have because really everyones the same.

  4. No one should be judged by their culture, color, or where you came from.There is no need to judge, let people be themselves.Their parents have responsibilities and should take care of their children and family.You shouldn’t be forced to moved away or be forced to work.Everyone should have their own life and they should be respected each other.EVeryone has RIGHTS so do not judge because things that come around go around.Do not judge unless you want to be hurt too.

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