Post-Classical Period


The Fundamentals Of Islam

The Spread Of Islam

Islamic History Timeline

SAS Five Pillars Of Islam

SAS Early Islamic Civlizations

The Best Sites To Learn And Teach About The Hajj

ISIS wants to establish a caliphate

Muslim inventions that shaped the modern world is from CNN.

What Are The Differences Between the Shia and the Sunni?

Review the following materials and take notes using a Venn Diagram. Then write write a short Compare/Contrast essay on the Shia and Sunni’s. Use this essay as a model.

Chart: Comparison of Sunni and Shia Islam

Infographic: Differences Between Shia and Sunni

Differences Explained

What is the difference between Sunnis and Shi’ites?

The difference between Shi’a and Sunni explained

Shia vs. Sunni

The Crusades:

SAS The Crusades

The Crusades

Crusades – National Geographic

Interactive Map Quiz

Crusades Map

Crusades Game

Civilizations In The Middle Ages:


SAS African Kingdoms – Mali

China & Mongols

SAS Genghis Khan

Military Technology In China

History Channel Ming Dynasty


SAS Europe in The Middle Ages

Brainpop Black Death

Brainpop Feudalism

A Day In The Life of a Monk

Explore a Castle

Shields Of Honor

A Feudal Society

Create a Coat of Arms

Mayan, Aztec, & Incan

SAS Aztec & Inca Civilizations

Mayan Story of Creation

Incan Story of Creation

Exploring The Aztecs

Inca Rebellion

Tour a Maya City

Aztec Empire

Mesoamerican Ball Game

Brainpop – Aztecs

Brainpop Incas

Brainpop Mayans

Brainpop Mesoamericans

Ancient & Classical Periods

Try watching many of these videos

Visit The Wonders Of The Ancient World

We might watch some of these movies in class:


Fall of the Roman Empire

Great Wall Of China

Greek Gods



Pax Romana

Roman Republic

Wonders of the Ancient World



The Epic of Gilgamesh Video

Gilgamesh interactive

Epic of Gilgamesh


Watch this video.


Fertile Crescent

Dig Into History — Mesopotamia

Dig Into History — Mesopotamia II

Watch all these animations (click on California and then “go”)






From “Pacemaker World History”:

Choose five itmes found in your classroom and draw a symbol for each….Once you have determined what each symbol means, create a sentence by putting certain symbols next to each other in a row.  Show to a partner to see if he/she can guess what it says.



Game: Indus Trader

Investigate Ancient Trade


SAS Nile Kingdoms

SAS Social Pyramid

Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Creation Myth

The Mummy

Welcome To Ancient Egypt

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Social Roles

Reveal The Mummy

The Mummy Maker Game

The Great Pyramid

Mummy Activity

Ancient Egypt The Magic Lesson

Explore A Pyramid

Play several ancient Egypt games

Writing in Hieroglyphs

Where Was Ancient Egypt?

Build A Pyramid

Watch all these animations
(click on California and then “go”). Also, try the Interactive Review

Ancient Egypt

National Geographic Ancient Egypt

Visit the pyramids


SAS Aztec and Inca Civilizations

American Civilizations

The Ball Game

Learn about Machu Picchu


SAS Kingdom Of Mali

Bantu Migrations


SAS Great Wall

Chinese Creation Myth

Tour The Temple Of Confucius

Technology In China

Ancient China

Han China

Great Wall of China

Watch all these animations
(click on California and then “go”). Try the interactive Review

Great Wall



Tour A Buddhist Temple

Classical Indian Dance



SAS Alexander The Great

SAS Athens and Melos

Greek Hero Game

SAS Melian Debate

Watch all these animations (click on California and then “go”). Try the Interactive Review

Watch these two animations

Watch these two animations, too.

Watch this video on the Greek Olympics

Winged Sandals

Trojan Horse story

Alexander The Great

Education In Ancient Greece

Sail A Greek Warship

School of Athens

Watch these videos about ancient Greece

Greek City-States

The Persian Wars

It’s Greek To Me Game

Alexander The Great

Greek Gods:

Research three Greek Gods and answer the following questions for each one (You will make a poster for each one):

What is his or her name and why did you choose to research this God?

Are they male or female?

What are they the “God of”?

What is a good story about them?

Were they always a God or were they a human once?

Are they a good God or a bad God? Why do you say they are good or bad?

Draw a picture representing the God.

Greek Gods and Heroes

Winged Sandals

Family Tree of the Greek Gods

Greek Gods

Greek Myths


SAS Roman Inventions

SAS Roman Emperors

Game: Dig It Up Romans

Watch all these animations (click on California and then “go”). Try the Interactive Review.

Watch these three animations.

Watch this video on the Roman Empire

Roman Snakes and Ladders Game

The Last Day of Pompeii

It’s Really Roman

Spread of Christianity

Tour a Roman Bath

Travel Along A Roman Road


The Roman Empire

Roman Empire-Later

Invasions of the Roman Empire

Be a Gladiator Game

Be a Roman Soldier

The Romans Game

Death In Rome game.

Prehistoric Times

Archaeology: First Three links:

American Museum of Natural History — Archaeology

National Park Service – Archaeology

Mr. Donn — Archaeology


If I was an archaeologist and discovered an ancient city,  I think that there are three artifacts that would tell me the most about its life.  One would be _______________________, and that would tell me _________________________ because _______________________.  Another would ______________________________, and that would tell me _______________________ because __________.  A third artifact would be ________________________, and that would tell me ______________________________.



Important archaeological discoveries are made all around the world.  In my native country, ___________________ is a famous archaeological site.    _______________________ discovered it in ___________________________.    Archaeologists found artifacts like _________________________,  ___________________ and _______________________.    They learned __________,    _______________________, and ____________________. It was an important discovery for my country and the world because ______________________________.

Early Human Migration

The Rise of Farming Communities

Video: Early Humans

Fossil Finds In Africa

Explore Ice Age Adaptations

Neolithic Revolution

Journey Of Mankind

Early Humans

Learn about prehistoric cave paintings here.

Watch all the videos on this page, including this one:

Long before there were humans, there were dinosaurs, which went extinct long before humans, too. Learn about dinosaurs here.

Video: The Quest For Fire