Winchester Mystery House

Over spring break I went to the Winchester Mystery House it is a odd house.She thought that every one that was killed by a Winchester rifle was haunting her.She claimed that the spirits contacted her and they said that if you finish your house we will haunt you forever. so she had 40 workers 24 7. There are stairs that lead to the celing or you open a door you can fall to your death you you open a door and there is a wall.She was obsest with the number 13 she always had 13 windows in every room or 13 doors.

Why I like the Lord of the Rings

I like Lord of the Rings because it takes you out of your comfort zone it takes you to Middle Earth the dangerous/ beautiful land scape. Some of the foes are Orcs, Trolls,Goblins,and the most famous the Ringwraiths hooded things that want to get the ring and destroy the person that holds it. Then their are the good people like the Elves,Dwarves,and the Men.That is why I like Lord of the Rings and I hope you will like it too.