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    When I lived in Mexico, I learned a lot of things about Mexico, now I’m going to tell you something like food, religion, culture, places, nature and many other interesting information.
    Mexico has a lot of delicious food and healthy. For example tamales, tostadas, moles, tacos, pozole, sopes, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, gorditas, chilaquiles and many other food. My family uses these foods on different time; for example they make pozole, tamales, mole and tacos at the night and all the other food at the morning.
    In Mexico there are many different religions for example catholic, protestant, Christian, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many other. Catholic is the most religion in Mexico with 80%, then Christian with 15%, Jehovah’s Witnesses 2% and 3% other.
    Mexico has a lot of celebrations, Mexico celebrate each holiday in all the year with a great party and a delicious food. Also Mexico had build a lot of temples, there are many churches so much important. There is not so much war; it’s a country that lives in peace. People build some rooms to celebrate holidays like Christmas, New Year, Independence Day and many other important holidays.
    In Mexico there a lot of beautiful places to visit, one of the most important and beautiful places are beaches for example Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, manzanillo, Cancun, Acapulco and many other. In Mexico there are two cities so big and important, these are Guadalajara and Mexico City, there are many places for entertaining like Guadalajara zoo, the mall, San Juan de dios, plaza del sol, six flags, selva magica and many other.
    In Mexico the weather is sometimes cold and sometimes hot, in Mexico there are many rivers where people go to take a shower, Mexico has many mountains, some resources that Mexico makes are petroleum, gold, copper, natural gas and many others.
    other interesting information is for example people who go to school is about 96.7% and the languages are Spanish, Maya, Zapotec, mixes and many other.
    I think Mexico has a lot of things for fun because it has many places to visit and go to parties. I hope people from other countries could visit Mexico. I’m happy to be Mexican.

  2. Mexico
    Mexico is beautiful. Mexico is very close to U.S.A. Mexico have different food, animals. Mexico has an interesting history.
    In Mexico the food are tortas, ceviche, frijoles and taco.
    The animals in Mexico are toucan, lion, tiger and monkey.
    The weather in Mexico is sunny and hot. The history in Mexico is a first complex society. The Spanish ruled Mexico until 1821. In Mexico have many pyramids

  3. Brazil
    Brazil is a beautiful country that many tourist visit. They come from all over world.
    In Brazil the are many different types’ food and delicious food like yams, they also eat nuts and okra.
    Brazil have beautiful weather sometimes the weather is cold, sometimes is hot.
    In Brazil they are many people who are tourist many people visit the beaches of Brazil.
    I chose to write about Brazil because is a country and the people are very nice and I would like to visit their beaches.

    By: onner Amaya Vasquez…

      • i liked what did you write about Brazil place.i think Brazil has many beautiful places.I remember the people in my country very nice like people in Brazil after i read thjs essay.

  4. Thailand
    The country Thailand is beautiful it has flower, mountains, and have different types of food. The culture there is very unique. Thailand has many land, the nature give you different activity to do.
    The tradition in Thailand is different in some ways but they also have similarity. The children in Thailand go to elementary school for six years. The language they speak is Thai.
    The food in Thailand is grown by the Thai people. They grow vegetables such as hot chilies, lemongrass, basil, ginger and coconut milk. The food is very healthy. It take efforts and time to grow these crops.
    The nice thing about Thailand is that Thailand is in the heart of southeast is Asia. There are many small different countries in southeast is Asia.
    I chose this country because I like the mountain, flower, food and my life in Thailand. When I was living in Thailand I learned a lot of things. When I think about my life in Thailand, I miss it.

  5. MEXICO.
    When I live in México I learned many things about it, now I’m going to tell you something like traditional dance, places, food and the flag.
    The traditional dance is very common in México some dance are traditional of tejana, the dance of the ancients, the jarabe tapatio, dance folklorico etc…
    The tourist visit difference place for example chichi itza, The Sierra Madre, Acapulco, Yucatán, peninsula, Isla Mujeres, New Vallarta, Itztapan Ziguatanejo.
    The Mexican food is very delicious for example the food more traditional is pozole, tamales, tostada, mole, tacos, avocado salsa, and chiles reyenos, Tortillas.
    The flag is very important for the country for example the Mexican flag have tree color red, white and green in the middle have eagle I like Mexican flag and I love.
    I think México is a beautiful country because has beautiful place and I have my family and friends.

  6. I think turkey is vary beautiful country in the world turkey has to many terrorism this country is for people to relax and be comfortable, it began when the leader of the country turkey.
    Turkey has a vary good culture the people of turkey is vary respectfully the people are given complete freedom to choose their religions beliefs. Turkey has two different cultures one is kordish and the other is Turkish these two different cultures are almost the some.
    The food in turkey is vary delicious. The food eaten break fast in turkey is similar to the food found in a typical western breakfast people in turkey usually eat lunch at about midday the food they have at lunch is the some as the food people in turkey eat in turkey eat for dinner. And some people in turkey want to eat a lot of different food from other country.
    The religion of turkey is Islam. I will tell you about religion of turkey the people of turkey all of them has some religion they all believe one god and also they are believe only one religion they will also going a day 5 times to the masjid to pray they have two different sects one is sunny and the other is shia the people of turkey are most sunny and they are most believe sunny.

  7. Mexico
    When I live in Mexico, I learned a lot of things about México, now I’m going to tell about something like tradition and culture.
    Mexico has the most delicious and healthily food. For example: mole, corundas, pozole, enchiladas and the most important is chilies, corn, beans, tacos and tamales. Mexico proses and extensive and sophisticated culinary culture, with a great variety of regional dishes. Of most Mexican dishes: corn, hot peppers and beans. Corn is consumed in all possible forms: as cooked or roasted corncob (elote) cooked grain of corn, porridge (atole), as wrappers and steamed dough with filling (tamales), but most important as a tortilla. When are filled with meat or other ingredients they are called tacos or quesadillas, which are especially popular in center México.
    In México there are many religions for example catholic, protestant, Christian, mummies. Catholicism is the dominant religion I México. The Catholic Church has been a very powerful institution in Mexican history, its relationship with the state has at time been tense and among the urban poor. The nation’s patron saint, the virgin of Guadalupe, has her shrine in México City. Every year, especially on December 12, Guadalupe’s day.
    Mexico has a lot of celebrations. Mexico celebrates each holyday in all the year with a great party and a delicious food. Also México had built a lot of temples. There are many church’s so much important, there are no so much war, it’s a country that live in peace.
    In México there are a lot of places to visit. One of the most important and beautiful places are Las Mariposas Monarcas it is located in Michoacán. Also in Michoacán are many important places to visit.
    In México the weather is sometimes cold and sometimes hot. Mexico has many rivers where the people go to take a shower, many mountains. Some recourse that México get are petroleum, gold, copper and natural gas.
    In conclusion, in my opinion México is very beautiful, because the food, religions, celebrations and we have a lot of places to visit.

  8. Laos
    The country of Laos have mountain beautiful. And have many Hmong people lives. Most rain all year round. The climate is good. There is not clod and so hot.
    Laos is between the countries of Vietnam and Thailand. Laos is one of the poorest countries on earth. The Laos north and south are between china and Cambodia. Venetian is a good place to visit. There are picture of the monk. There are villages you can tour.
    The food they have slayed chicken and duck food. They ate brides live jungle and for the monks at a Buddhist pagoda. Laos Buddhists believe that they will earner it in a future life by maintaining the pagoda and feeding the moms.
    I chose this country because I was born and I live when was little. The country was my mummery today I still dream about my country

  9. United State of America
    The unite state of America have a lot of food is buffalo wings originated, trade winds seafood, agriculture and cattle ranch. All the food, they like to eat is very good.
    There are many place of America is cities, national parks, the Mississippi river and the rethinking America place is was cool and beautiful place.
    There are many clothes of America because when they wear the clothes at the store, they the featured clothes, hipper clothes and clothes in colonial America.
    There are many culture is was a special day for untied state of America is like Christmas, they buy the present the family, cousin,, uncle and friends is was Christmas day. They like to sing and listen the music is about charismas.
    United state of America is beautiful because they have many places at the school, college and universities can give you education.

  10. Mexico have many traditions, but most traditional to do is eat tamales, gorditas, tortillas, pozole, sopes, burritos, chiles rellenos , corn, enchiladas and the one thing that Mexicans are the most famous for it for its spicy food, also tortas ahogadas are made originally in Guadalajara Jalisco.
    More over, Mexico is also very beautiful because of the places you can go to visit, like Lago de Chapala, Cancun, Monterrey, The Yucatan Peninsula, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Manzanillo.
    Mexico has a lot of celebrations. Mexico celebrates each holyday in all the year with a great party and delicious food. Also Mexico had built a lot of temples. There is not so much war it’s a country that lives in peace. People built some rooms to celebrate holidays like Christmas, New year, independence day and many other important holidays.

  11. My country
    Pakistan is my country it’s a Muslim country but other realigns can live in that country. This country doesn’t give nationality. It’s a big country and beautiful too. Pakistan’s population is 159,196,336. Pakistan capital is Islamabad it’s a beautiful city of Pakistan. I’m going to tell you about Pakistan’s religion, Pakistan’s culture dress, Pakistan’s foods, and Pakistani jobs.
    Religion of Pakistan is Muslim not all Muslims lives in this country like Hindus, Sikh, Christine, and Muslims. All Pakistani peoples speaks Urdu Muslims prays in a place called mosque. All men pray in mosque and all ladies pray at home. We pray five times a day of all weeks 1st in the morning 5:00 O CLOCK 2nd time in the afternoon 3rd time in the evening 4th time when sun set 5th time at night 10:00 o clock. We give a name of all prayers it’s called Namaaz IN MY RELIGION GIRLS CAN’T take of their scarf from their heads they have to wear that in my religion allow tom girls hijab if they are going outside they have to wear that. In my religion not allowed to shake hands with mans and in my religion people can’t merge the person who is not a Muslim if he really want to merry with her /him so before marriage he/she have to leave his/her religion.
    In my country’s dress all people wear a dress we called that dress “shalwar, qmeeze” we can wear all dress butt it has to be cover the body we have a thing with the shalwar qmeeze it’s called dupata we wear that dupata because in my religion allow to wear dupata.
    My country’s food we can just eat hlal food and we make that hlal any beef, meet and chicken when we cut the any animal we say some words of Arabic it’s called Takbeer we that Allah Huwakbar three times and after that we cut the animal.
    Jobs in my country it’s good peoples can find the jobs easily jobs are same with my country and U.S.A in Pakistan students can jobs adult can jobs it doesn’t matter how old they are if they want to work so they can work.
    I like my country, country’s peoples I think I know everything about my country. American peoples went to Pakistan to see Pakistan’s beautifulness I hope Pakistan will go up by the grace of God.

  12. South Korea
    When I was young, I wish I could travel around the world. I could come to travel countries in Asia. And the country that I want to travel most is South Korea. But before you travel a country, you should know more about their culture, people … in the country. Those reasons make me want to find more information about South Korea. Do you want to fathom with me?
    South Korea is the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. It’s a part of Eastern Asia. South Korean occupy 750-mile-long peninsula and there are many mountains. At first, Korean was a country but then they split into South and North Korea. South Korea’s land area is 1,499 miles with 48,636,068 populations in there. Seoul is capital of South Korea.
    Korea had gone through many phases of history. Korean has been living for at least 10,000 years. Ancestor of Korean came from Mongolia and Siberia. The beginning of Korean history had begin when King Tan-gun, a legendary figure born of the son of Heaven and a women from a bear-totem tribe, established the first kingdom named Chosen in B.C 2333. In the late 19th century, Korea became the focus intense competition among imperialist nations such as China, Russia or Japan. After that, Korea has been split into South and North Korea. The Republic of Korea in the South has a democratic government, while the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the North is ruled by a communist regime.
    The official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea (ROK). The government claim in charge of whole Korea and does not recognize North Korea as separate. The ROK government headed by a president. That president elected to a five-year term. South Korea has one of the strongest economics in Eastern Asia.
    South Korea is a crowded country. There are 1,256 citizens for every square mile. Korean’s lives are heavily influenced by Confucianism. China philosophy that teaches respect and morality. The family is the most important part of Korean life. In Confucian tradition, the father is the head of the family and it is his responsibility to provide food, clothing, and shelter and to approve the marriages of family members.
    Education is important part of every country in the world. Education in Korea viewed as being cruces for success and competition. Centralized administration oversees the process for education in Kindergarten, the third, final year of high school. Mathematics, science, Korean, social studies, English are generally considered and most important subjects. Physical education is not considered important and not regarded. They’re lack high to quality gymnasiums, varsity athletics. Also, South Korea is the first country in the world to provide a high speed internet access to primary, junior, high school. Normally, school year will divide into 2 semesters. First semester begin in beginning of March and end in middle-July. And, the second semester begins in late August and end on middle-February. Summer vacation wills start on middle –July to late August. Student has winter vacation in late December to early February.
    After we fathom everything about South Korea, we learned many interesting things about this country. South Korea is a good country with the best conditions to which a citizen need. I hope that I could travel this country in pretty soon.

    • i think that palce is good to visit. what is the most thing beautiful thing is south korean.everyday i think about south korean and i want to go there.

    • i like this essay because it is talking about my favorite place in he world. everyday i have dream about south korean and i really want to go there..

    • i like this essay because it is talking about my favorite place in the world. everyday i have dream about south korean and i really want to go there..

  13. South Korea is a one-race country, and they speak one language. That language is Korean. In South Korea they have little to none diversity. In Korea people s habits vary depending on where they live. If a person lives in the country they tend to be farmers of some kind, mainly rice farmers. Rice was grown on more then one half of the agriculture land. If a person lived in the city they tend to be a businessman of some type. Koreans often use extreme modesty when speaking about themselves. They re reluctant to accept high honors and graciously deny compliments. Koreans are quick to make friends and they rely on each other s for just about everything. Open criticism and public disagreement are considered inappropriate because they can damage another person s reputation. South Korea experienced rapid enoconmic growth after the 1960s to earn a position as one of the Four Dragons of East Asia (joining Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). In just one generation, South Korea rose from poverty to realitive properity and the real gross domestic product per capita rose from six hundred and ninety dollars to eleven thousand five hundred and ninety four dollars. Most families came to identify themselves as part of the middle class. Korea and America s class system are similar, but there are a few differences. In America class system is based on wealth mainly, but in Korea it is not all wealth. What class you are in is very much based on what family you came from. Korean s take much pride and honor in their family name. People are placed into a class not just by wealth but also by the family name and the hisoty of that family. In the late 1990 s Korea became very vulnerable to an economic crisis because of all the strikes, budget deficit, and bankruptcies. The Korean President was very afraid of a economic collapse. So he put together a reconstructing campaigne. By 1999, the international rescue laons had been repaid and growth ahd reached ten percent. Now South Korea has reached and increbible record of econonmic growth. About sixteen percent of the laborforce is in agricultre and lives in rural villages, cultivating small plots or collective farms.

  14. Argentina
    Nowadays, Argentina has many particular foods and animals than any country in the world, they also have unusual weather.
    I will tell you detail about Argentina culture, many kinds of food Argentina eat, animals in there, and weather after this.
    Argentinian is the country has diverse climate at each of regions in same national. There most of regions have hot, humid weather. Only in western, there have hail cool on winter season, and sometime people living must be ready for resist periodic droughts. In summer, Argentina also has tornadoes and thunderstorms but it’s not much than warm days.
    Argentina has culture with many things different Africa and so unique. They are speak European language in Argentina, also people living in Argentina have well-educate, for example 97 percent people in there knows how to write, and read. Most of them likes tango than any kinds of dance else.
    Argentina foods so healthy, and also never can be fat in short time. Most of Argentinian likes to eat grill foods as barbecues , also they even utilize vegetable, and many kinds of beef, they also likes eat pizza as in united state.
    Argentina in the country has riches about singular animals in the world. In Argentina, they have two particular kinds of lizard, first one’s kind of anole, and another one’s species gecko. In there, they also have many poisonous snakes surround.
    Argentina has special culture, and many different places for visit or take some rest when you be retired. I hoping when I’m 20 year old or more than that I could come to Argentina with all people in my family and I wish Argentina be stronger national for people visit.

  15. Nicaragua
    Nicaragua is beautiful in all wraths because it is easy to get along with the people, and in my opinion it is the mobs beautiful country. It also has many categories like: culture food and people activity.
    They have many forms in which there have fun like playing soccer, volleyball quemado, escondite, and plantations and these are all ways to have fun. Also this country likes to move on .they eat many different types of foods but there favorite foods fish ,tajadas de plantano y pollo rice and beans .also thesis foods are very relishes .I like food.
    This place is very cultural in Central America like dancing semana santa and go pray to there gods.
    In Nicaragua are nice beautiful and they know how to opposite there thing very well they are very pool but very rich in there heart in my opinion Nicaragua is the angst beautifully country in the world. This easy has helped me improve on my write ring.

  16. El Salvador
    In El Salvador we have many thing to talk about; traditions, history, typical food, tourist, attractions, nature. In El Salvador is rich in natural resources all around the country. On top of the tropical climate is a perfect place to live.
    the traditions in El Salvador are many the celebrations are unique each years and include activities such the: dance, craft, famous myths and legends; the lovely music to the sound of the instruments in a people and celebrations in these traditions, visitors to El Salvador have fun as always gives a memory as culture apart from enjoying the dances really El Salvador has many traditions.
    the traditional food of the Salvadoran they learned to enjoy the taste of corn which is included in almost all dishes, very healthy which also affected neighbors countries for that reason the original of the Maya and Pipil use corn in variety food. The typical food. The typical food in first place the famous pupusas, atoles, negados , yuca frita, las enchiladas, las empanadas, las quezadillas also beverages which la chica. Variety of delicious fruit in many countries and that is not in the can to enjoy its taste Variety of atole in El Salvador the food is delicious and many people that visit they has happy because in enjoy of delicious plates
    El Salvador has many history to tell which independence, also about the presidents, the grow up of population too political, tell about all the war in the history, the territory, geographic and also EL salvador has sport that many people enjoy this El Salvador
    In El Salvador can enjoy the natural and the variety of plants with beautiful flowers in various trees, in El Salvador, which has a tropical environment allows many kinds of animals can live, the climate in different regions are a bit cold this the high mountains in the environment is appreciate Salvadoran birth freshwater being situated along the Pacific Ocean the people who are visiting the atmosphere delighted another beautiful memory
    El Salvador is much appreciated as contains tourism destination where many people who visit can enjoy and appreciate the beauty that this country has places in these touristic attractions beautiful beaches with their restaurant to enjoy one of the delicious seafood, archaeological ruins where appreciate the Maya and Pipil who lived long ago, houses of culture where they can give information on each tradition, museums, theaters, mills, mountains, fountains or waterfalls, villages where who are still living with traditions, see the sights see the beautiful scenery it offers El Salvador and more
    I think El Salvador is a great country where you can really enjoy the food, environment or nature tourist places and above all enjoy of culture El Salvador indeed if you have a lot to show the beauty that is one of the in true that can be enjoyed at all times

  17. México.
    *México has wide variety or foods like pozole, red, white, green, chalupas, atole, cuachala, tamales, enchiladas, tostadas, gorditas , and tacos etc. It has a lot of spicy food.
    *The Mexican flag is one of the most recognize flag around the word. The colors from the flag Mexican are red with and green.
    *People in México are very freely and are very close to their culture. They live unite and happy with what they got. We Mexicans like spicy food.
    *Mexico is full of culture and is recognizing by performances world wide. They have been place very for their dances and performances.
    *I chose México because I love México and I was born in México and part of my family lives in México and México is the place more beautiful for me.

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