Comic Strip On Gangs

Use Bubblr to summarize your essay on gangs.

First slide: Title of your essay and your first name

Second slide: Thesis Statement

Third Slide: First Reason

Fourth Slide: Supporting Details For First Reason

Fifth Slide: Second Reason

Sixth Slide: Supporting Details For Second Reason

Seventh Slide: Third Reason

Eighth Slide: Supporting Details For Third Reason

Ninth Slide: Conclusion

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One thought on “Comic Strip On Gangs

  1. GANGS

    Some people say gangs are bad, cause they steal peoples stuffs, they kill peoples, and they are buying

    I think gangs are bad cause , they kill peoples , they don’t care about peoples life, and they have guns and knife to murder people for money, cold, or stuff.

    There are three reasons that gangs are bad. One is they sell drugs, Two is they killed people, Three is they steal peoples stuffs ,four they convince you to kill someone, and that’s the half part of the gangs bad job.

    Gangs are bad because they sell drugs, and that’s make young guys want to try the drugs. But drugs is bad because its guiding you to dead.
    Gangs are bad because they killed people, they don’t have mercy, don’t have heart to care, that’s why they’re not afraid to killed another people.
    Gangs are bad because they steal peoples stuffs, like money, cold, cloths, and some stuffs..
    So for who are thinking to join the gangs, read this so you can see how is it to feel like, to join gangs.

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