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  1. Laila Zaib
    Period: 03
    Cindy Ellen
    In this book “Cindy Ellen Wild Western Cinderella” the Author “Sasan Lowell” writes about a wild western Cinderella, when her father marriage with her step mother and said about behave of stepmother with little Cindy Ellen, and one day when she went to fair and then she won championship also attend the ranch night party who organized by the ranch’s prince, she felt her shoes and how the prince find her and her life change and finally she became princes of ranch rodeo. The author shows the theme life can change any time by using imagery and characterizations.
    The author use imagery to show the theme lie can change any time, For example, the simile “She had two daughter the spiting image of her” it remain me the rich people who behave with the poor people curly because the are poor but they don’t think that their life be change and anybody don’t have idea when what day and what time their life will change. An other example is adjective “Cindy Ellen was pretty good cow girl”, it remain me the life of small and cute my home country children when their first parents die and also remain me their step parents behave with those child and they ignore those child. Another example of personification is “she fired her magic pistol into air-Zing- and little gray horse became a little silver cost horse with softy sparking cost. It remain me the life of my friend after her parents death how she get it good luck how his life change her mom and dad death.
    The author uses characterization to show the theme life can change any time for example “Say hello to your fairy god mother sugar foot” it remain me my own dream for coming here who I saw in my home country. Another example is “I want to go to rodeo. It remain me the poor little and cute child who have lot of wishes they can not get some thing some time because some people ignore them but one day due to good luck they get it their all wishes. Another example is “Cindy Ellen and Joe prince got hatched and lived happily ever after in ranch’s house full of love and rodeo trophies’, it remain me my high school final result when I get a scholarship in private collage ,it also had possible because I did do work hard and believe on God.
    It is also important to believe on luck that life can change any time and we can’t think when, how and where our life can change. But for this one we always believe on God and we should always wait for changing life because wait can will brings to much good lucks we can not think just like in this story The little Cindy Ellen didn’t tell her father about the attitude of her step mother with her, because she believe one day my life will be change and I will became a princes and finally one day she became princes because “Every one born with good Fate”

  2. Hector Ordonez
    In the book “A Caribbean Cinderella”, Robert D. San souci writes about a family very poor where the lady knows a Fairy godmother who always fulfilled her wishes. The author shows the theme of “The love always triumphs with the truth and hope.

    The author uses Imagery to show the theme of “The love and hope” for example the simile is “My father’s wife works like a serving girl” makes me remember when I was in new York where I worked like an attending in a restaurant I met to my brother by first time where I lost the hope of never see him again and we talk and was awesome.

    The author uses characterization to show the theme of “The love anfd hope” for example the characterization is “Madame and the other fine ladies were dressed in satin and velvet all the colors of the rainbow” this makes me remember when I used new clothes here inn sacramento CA

    In conclusion I learned with the love always wins and no matter the barriers that arise because love does it all. Hope is also one breath

  3. In the book” a Caribbean cindrerella”Robert D.san souci writes about a family poor where her knowledge on a fairy godmother who change your life, the author shows the theme of “anything can change everything .

    Thu author uses imagery to show the theme “anything can change is “when mother died she left me only “this remember me when I living only for one year ,another example simile is “cendrillon and Paul were married “this remember me when my brother got to married third example how am I to keep my promise this remember when I i a promise to my mom.

    The author use characterization to show the theme for example “when she was older “this remember me when I visit my uncle, another example is “she said looking so miserable “ this remember when help poor people ,third example is “five field lizards was change to a coachman, this remember me when I saw the Cinderella me first time .

    in conclusion: anything can make in change and that change can help to change your sake there must do lose hope you can do

  4. Myra Langinbelik
    In cenderillion (Cinderella) the author says, (as always) with love. Cenderillion love to sing, play, make jokes and care for peoples, and the way she do that, makes all people love her because she have a kind heart.

    The author uses imagery to let people see how love is.
    For example, page 4: godmother’s mom says “and the magic works for someone that you love”. And page 6: godmother says, “ when I held baby in my arm on her christening day, I felt such love!”. And cenderillion was in love with the prince when she was a young lady. And I know everybody love who they love, because one person is not better than two, because when you in pain or wrong, the other person that you love will show love and make you brave and strong. Especial for your family, and I know you really love them so much, because their the only person that took care of you, support you, care for you, and love you.

    The author uses characterization to the theme to show how love is.
    For example, godmother says, “ I didn’t see cenderillion at the river the next day, I found she was in bed and she was sick with broken heart love. And that’s reminds me when my sister’s boyfriend was broke up with her and she was so sad.

  5. The Egyptian Cinderella
    In the book, the Egyptian Cinderella, by Shirley Climo write about a Greece girl that got kidnap and was raised in Egypt and later marry the pharaoh and soon be queen of Egypt. The author shows the theme of look can’t be used to tell who a person are by using imagery and characterization.
    The authors use imagery to show the theme of look can’t be used to tell who a person are for example on page 2 the adjective” their eyes were brown and hers were green” this tell me that she look really different from other people, another example on page 2, the adjective “their hair hung straight to their shoulders, while the breeze blew hers into tangles” this tell me that she look really odd compare to the way Egyptian look, can be say that she a weirdoes to other girl and she gone to get pick on a lot.
    The author uses characterization to show the theme if look can’t be uses to tell who a person are. Even that Rhodopis look different from the other Egyptian, but she has her own skill that other people can’t do, for example on page 6”Rhodopis would dance for her animals’ companions. She twirled so lightly that her tiny bare feet scarcely touched the ground” this tells me that her skill of dancing is unbeatable. For other Egypt Rhodopis is just a slave and she not even an Egyptian, but for the pharaoh she is the true Egyptian, at he says on page 26” For her eyes are as green as the Nile, her hairs as feathery as papyrus, and her skin the pink of lotus flower”.
    Look can’t be used to tell who a person are, this theme are important to me because I have experience the same thing as Rhodopis, the first yeah I live in U.S I got bully because I’m an Asian I can’t speak English nor how write it, but when I got to 7 grade I learn how to write and speak English and my grade from a C to a B in just 1 month people was surprise and start to talk to me and friend with me, So look can’t tell who a person are.

  6. Cinderella with Benjy and Bubbles
    In the book, Cinderella with Benjy and Bubbles, Ruth Lerner parley writes about a girl her name was Cinderella. She was sweet and kind. Her step-sisters were mean to her.one day she want to went to party but her step-sisters said no she cried when she cried a kind fairy came she gave Cinderella glass slippers and a dress. The fairy said you must be home by midnight she said yes , she want and prince asked Cinderella to dance she say yes ,it is time of midnight she ran she lost one glass slipper. The prince picked this he says I want to marry the girl who can wear this slipper. She tried and it fit at last she and prince were married by using imagery and characterization.
    The outer uses imagery to show the theme of “never disappoint luck can change any time “for example if you have nothing never disappoint in the future you have happiness. Another example personfaction is “whoosh! In a shining, golden cloud stood, Cinderella, tall and proud”.it make me remain, no lose hope. If we have hope the people proud on ours. The third example’ adjective is “how lovely” sighed Benjy,”oh I am so glad!” it make me remain we want something then we get this it is too much happiness for us. Just hopeful for future.
    The other uses characterization to show the theme of “never disappoint luck can change any time “it make me remain just hope on God any time the good luck can come to us. The anther example “how awful! “cried Bubbles, ”oh, I am so mad”.it make me remain when the poor people had nothing all the people ignore them but when they get good luck all of them respect them the third example, the prince said ,”Cinderella ,be my bride” Cinderella said, “yes” it make mime remain luck can change any time.
    It is important to good luck because when we lose our hope.it is good for future .when we have hope .I think god bless on our in the future. If now we have sadness it is sign for our future will happiness .it help us to understand all story about future no body know who will our future .it help for us never disappoint life can change any time.

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