2 thoughts on “Problem/Solution Essay Assignment

  1. Ellie

    Why Homeless people have no home? Why homeless people don’t get over and look for a job? We have many homeless around the world, some of them get pas and others just stay there. If the problem isn’t solved in a few years we will have more homeless and the elderly will suffer a lot in the streets endure cold and get sick.
    A solution for this situation is that all of us can donate money so that the president or someone else can pick them up all and that there always have to be enough food, clothes, and shelters for them and so we can put them all in a safe place and have a better life. This is a good solution because they can be safe and they can have a better life so later they can have their own home
    My second solution is that whenever we look at one we try to help them with food, money, clothes, blankets or whatever it is all helps. This is a good solution because they feel safe and that they are not alone and so they have something to eat or money to buy something to eat.
    My third solution is we can offer rehabilitation programs for those who are drug addicts can recover and we can and for those that just want to work we can offer programs to have ideas for work. This is a good solution good because we offer help for those that are in drugs and they get a job and get over.
    My best solution is we can offer rehabilitation programs for those who are in drugs. And i think this is my best solution because we can change their lives and they can get over and then one day they can find a job.

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