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I like your story because ______________________________________.

I like your story because it made me remember ________________________.

I like your story because it made me see a picture of  _____________________ in my mind.

I like your story because it made me wonder “________________________?”

22 thoughts on “Write & Record Your Story

  1. Ro Guevara


    One hundred years ago in Europe lived Emilia. Emilia is a special unicorn. She lives in Paris,France, The weather in the city is warm. Emilia is 15 years old. She is beautiful,friendly. She has green eyes. Tyler is 15 years old. He is handsome,friendly and he uses a hat.

    Emilia and Tyler are best friends. Emilia felt angry with Tyler because he went to a party without her. Brisa,Emilia’s mother talk to her. One day Emilia watched her little sister get angry with Mishi (her best friend), “Fiorella finally i see you,” Mishi said, “don’t talk to me,” she said. But Mishi explained to his best friend Fiorella and now they are happy. That day she learned that a friend is always a friend.

    Later,Emilia and Tyler apologized and they are happy.

  2. Mickey Michael
    Good beats bad!

    This story takes place 2 years ago in Texas. The trees are tall and green. I saw the beautiful city in the summer for the first time. There are a lot of people there. It smells good. It’s loud because there are many people and animals in there.The buildings are very tall.

    When I was at Texas, I saw some animals named snake and bird 2 years ago. Some snakes fighted with the birds.

    “The snakes are enemies,” the bird said.
    ’’I want to kill a lot of animals!’’ the snake said.
    Bird said, “You don’t do it.”
    ”No I can do it! I want to kill a lot of animals!” the snake said.
    ’’You want to kill a lot of animals? Okay then I want help bird,” Crab said.

    Snake, Bird, and crab fight. The crab come help bird fight snake.The snakes are scared of crab because a lot of crab and bird come fight them.The snakes run because they are scared of bird and crab. Crab and bird win!

  3. Juan Esparza
    01 / 07 / 2020

    This story took place 7 years ago in Mexico when in the city through the streets of Mexico they know a large white store. Then a couple of friends decided to go in together and it is quite cold and they bought a jacket.

    In Mexico years ago when everything was different and was better Pancracio visited beautiful Mexico. He knew the streets then invited all his friends to be together and not fight anymore they met Roberto and started having problems with Melesio. They spoke well decided to separate from Roberto and went quietly to visit Mexico they met Firulais.

    Pancracio says “Talk your best friend”. Melesio says “I am happy to go out with his friends”. Pancracio says “We will visit Mexico all together”. Roberto says “Ok, let’s go to meet your friends”. Firulais says “Noo! they will have problems with Melesio”. Melesio says “If better we go 3 to go calm and without problems”.
    And everything went will with Pancracio, Melesio and Firulais so they saw a problem with racism they decided to act well and spoke to the police and everything ended for good.

  4. Josue Arauz Rendon

    This story takes place in the city a year ago.

    There are five people and one bad person in the city. The sun is big and it is very hot…

    The five people played in the backyard Don Pedro said, “silence”. The five people said “NO!”Don pedro went to the backyard and the five people were scared. He broke Pancho’s leg and Pepito called police. The police took him and he went to jail. Don Pedro cried in the jail and Pancho go went to the Hospital.

    Pancho went to the hospital and Don Pedro went to jail and pancho and every people happy.

  5. Edgar Roberto Rojop Rodas
    Per. 02
    It is 50 years ago. In guatemala There were many large and small trees where my house is. there were two big soccer fields and many people are happy from the village. They played in the field when it wasn’t cold.

    Many people were happy from the village who were in the field. One person is Verlir Rodas, my mother, she is 35 years old. Another person is Edgar Rojop, my father, he is 49 years old he is angry when. I ignore him Samai, is a good person, she is tall, and I like her personality. Eli is a good person. She is short, and I like her character. Adolfo, a good person, appreciate him very much.

    Edgar Rojop. Hello love how was your day?” Verli Rodas, good good love and how was work? Edgar Rojop. Work was not good love”. Verli Rodas” why was work not good?. Edgar Rojop, Because today was a rainy day and cold.” Verli Rodas”maybe tomorrow it won’t rain and it will do well.”
    Friendship is important for many people because without friendship there would be no love, caresses etc.

  6. Guang Xin-Lin
    An interesting day

    The beach here is a famous place. Here have a big house, a big tree, and a very beautiful sea.
    There is a boy. His name is Ce and he is sixteen years old. He is also tall and handsome. There is a boy next to Ce. He name is Wan.Wan is seventeen years old and he is cheerful everyday. Wan has a sister, she name is Chen. Du is a girl, she is wan and ce friends. Ce have a pet and its name is Kiki and Kiki is a good dog. Ze is a boy and he is Ce cousin. Now the are all in the Ce’s house. Their story starts now.
    “Hey guys, I’m bored, where do we go to play?” Ce said.
    “Good idea, but where are we going?”Wan said.
    “Emmm. We can go to the beach,here is famous,” Du said.
    “Oh snap!!!!!! bro, this is a very good proposal,”Ce said.
    “I decided that today we went here to play,” Ce said .
    “Oh yeah, i go to prepare something we want to use ,” Du said .
    “I come to help you ,”Chen said.

    Thirty minutes later……

    “I went to drive ,”Ze said.
    “Hey Kiki ,come here,”Du said.
    “Let’s go!”Ze excitement said.
    There are alot of cars on the road, so it’s very congested.

    After and hour…..

    “Guys ,we arrived,”Ce said.
    “woof,woof,”Kiki excitedly called.
    “Oh yeah, open the door and I’m going down,”Wan said.
    Next ,they play volleyball and swim at the beach,Ze took Kiki to play in the grass near the beach.
    In the evening, they went to ce’s house for a party Each of them made a food.
    They think today is a very interesting day.

  7. This story takes place 4 years ago in Guatemala, I was living in Guatemala there are big trees big buildings There are like pyramids the weather something is cool and also very hot. It is Guatemala 4 years ago the presidents hate the others presidents, Otto Perez Molina was a bad president he hate Sandra Torres because she is a good president she love the people. When Manuel Baldizon was president he was good president also he hates Oscar Berche because he is a bad president He doesn’t love the people He doesn’t want to give support to the country. Alvaro Colon he was a good president and good man he always support
    the country He loves the children and supports women.

    People in the country said,’’ we hate Sandra because she is a bad person,’’ Sandra said i love people and want a good country,’’ ‘’I want to kill Jimmy because he is a robber,’’ said Manuel,’’I never did support the people and the people hate me ‘’Jimmy said,’’why do you want to kill me. I never did anything to you the people say they hate this president and all presidents.’’

    After this everybody loves the other presidents and now the president is nice he loves the people.

  8. The great story is made in space
    This story happened 1629.
    The sun and the moon fell in love ,The sun said ‘’Moon i love you. ‘’
    ‘’The moon said’’ I love you too,’’The sun and the moon fell in love.
    and had a long conversation.The sun said, ‘’Don’t worry i’m with you.‘’
    the moon said ‘’Are you sure about that?’’ The sun said,’’Yeah i will do it in an eternity
    But a great sadness invaded them .
    It happened that the star invaded the love that the moon and the sun
    had. They thought they would never see each other again but happened
    That the sun and the moon were once separated by the star but they
    found each other again and lived happily .

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