Independent Learning

If schools are closed, students are expected to spend at least one hour each day on any of the following sites.  These sites send reports on student work to Mr. Ferlazzo.

It would be better if you spent more than one hour each day on them!

1.Raz Kids


3. USA Learns

    1. Go to
    2. Type into the form:
      • Your Email Address
      • Your First Name
      • Your Last Name
      • Create a password – it should be Burbank
    3. After the web page has loaded, click Enroll in my teacher’s class
    4. Enter the Class Key  f7f2e89f  when the web page has loaded.
    5. Press Enroll!


Go to Epic Books

Our class code is: xpn7717


5.ESL Video

ESL Video and watch any video and take a quiz.  Add the code “burbank” afterwards to send the score to Mr. Ferlazzo


6. Common Lit

Go to Common Lit

Enroll with this code: P9998Y


7. ReadWorks

Go to ReadWorks

Sign in with your Google account

Then use this password: HMBZ5T


8. Actively Learn

Go to Actively Learn and register.

Then use this class code: 76d2e

Click on “Library” and choose something to read



Go to ELLBrainpop


Username: mrferlazzo1

Password: burbank1


You can also go to:

Brainpop Junior


Brainpop Español

for these three sites, click “Quiz” after you watch the movie and go to “graded” like this:


Then, take the quiz and click on “Email your results”:


Then type Mr. Ferlazzo’s email address ( in and send your test results to him:



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