2 thoughts on “Letter To Next Year’s Ninth-Graders

  1. Chuehue Thao
    Dear 9th Graders,

    Your freshman year will be very quick. You will be learning a lot about essays. If you are really hard working, your teacher will recommend the IB program a lot to you. You will have to work really, really hard, not complain, and put forward your effort if you want to pass this class. In this class you’ll also be rushed in some units. Sometimes you’ll get annoyed by the class, teacher, or all the work. Burbank is a really athletic school from my opinion. It would be great to join sports. Also, the football stadium is brand new. It’s a really great school for opportunities. In this SLC 4, you will have the best teachers ever. They will teach you how to work hard. Some teachers will be hard on you, and some will not. If you want to have a fun 9th grade your, you should join sports, clubs, hang out with friends, and participate in school activities. I regretted not doing these things but am planning to join more sports, clubs, and participate more.

    Chuehue Thao

  2. June 10, 2011
    Dear freshman’s/freshlady’s,
    Hey little 9th graders! Hope you have fun in Mr.Ferlazzo’s class because his class is pretty hard, but easy at times. He has lots of fieldtrips planned for you also so et ready to have some fun, but first you got to show him what’s up, like work hard, pay attention, grow lots of neurons like Mr.Ferlazzo, etc. in this class there are many different and fun units that you are going to learn about, for example some units are called New Orleans, Latin Studies, Mount Everest, Natural Disasters, Self control, etc. I think the funniest one that we’ve studied about was the New Orleans Unit. Anyways enough about that, well I hope you guys and girls have the most awesomest time ever (& yes I know awesomest isn’t a word ha-ha-ha-ha) in this class because you’re going to need it! Have fun; reach for the stars/ skies.

    Maureen Xiong

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