Assignment #32 and #33: Water, Farming, and Dust bowl

Photo source: America’s Story

We will be looking at how America has changed as more people have come west. Today, we looked at how water is being moved to farms in what was once dessert. Think about this, as you read these accounts of the results of not farming wisely in the 1930s:

We we meet the second time, please send a comment about how water is being used in our state, California, and what the risks are from this.

Assignment #31: Immigration… Where are we from?

Photo: Indian tribes, Cultures & Languages Map Collections 1500-2004 Library of Congress

All Americans who are not descended from Native Americans had ancestors that came from somewhere else in the world. Please share where some of your ancestors came from in a comment. After that, do this activities to learn more about Native Americans (who were already here), and African slaves who were forced to come here:

These will involve reading. Please pick one section (page) to read, and read it all the way through. I’ll be asking you about what you learned next time.