Reviewing Self-Control

Here is the video on the “Marshmallow Experiment”. Please watch it:

Here is a slideshow with tips about how to improve your self-control. Please read it:

Have you used any of this tips this year? Have you done something else to improve your self-control. What helped you with self-control this year?

Testing Review Lesson 2b: Success!

Last time, many of you had a hard time with the word success. Today, we are going to explore what this word means. Here are some resources. Please go to all of them and read what they say and show about the word:

  1. Visuwords Thesarus
  2. Lexipedia Thesaurus
  3. Webster’s Dictionary
  4. Yahoo!Kids Dictionary
  5. Pictures from Flickr tagged with “success”

Based on your research, what did you learn about success? Describe a time you or someone else were successful.