Reflecting on the Year at Oak Ridge

Please write a comment of at least three (3) sentences about one or more of the following:

  1. There have been a lot of changes here at Oak Ridge this year, how do you feel about these changes?
  2. What are you looking forward to about the summer?
  3. What have you learned this year that you’re proud of? What meant the most to you?
  4. How do you feel about becoming a fifth grader next year? What will it mean?

52 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Year at Oak Ridge

  1. I think my summer will be okay and fun.I will be looking forward for fifth grade.My new teacher is going to be nice.

  2. I think my summer is super fun.I love to be in fifth grade.And I like my new teacher.

  3. I think this summer is going to be awesome.I cant wait to go to fifth grade.I think i will love my fifth grade teacher.

  4. I think summer will be okay and fun.I am looking forward to it.I hope my friends will still be here.

  5. I think this summer will be cool.I like my new teacher.It has change a lot.

  6. I think fifth grade is going to be a good experience for me and everybody else in fourth grade going to fifth grade.It is going to be fun in fifth grade. IT fun because everybody form the fourth grade is coming.

  7. I think summer will be great and fun. I will help my dad do work with him.I will go swimming this summer

  8. Some of the changes in the year make me feel a bit happy.I am expecting a fun summer.I am proud of learning more about math.I am excited about becoming a fifth grader.

  9. I will feel great in fifth grade. I will be ready for the fifth grade. I will not be a bad boy in fifth grade.

  10. I will have a lot of fun this summer.I hope I learn a lot of stuff in fifth grade.I know I will like my teacher.

  11. I think summer will be okay and fun.I will help my
    mom do her work.We all will celebrate my brother’s birthday.

  12. I think this Summer is going to be very fun.I feel good about all these new changes.These are very good changes.I like these changes because i like it.I was going to play ps3 with my brother.

  13. I think that I will have a great Fifth grade year. I will be a very good student for the teacher that I get. I will succeful girl


  15. I feel great about those changes because it is so fun.
    I am looking forward to summer school.
    I learn a lot of stuff from school like 5th grade math.

  16. I am looking forward to be going to 5th grade, it means a lot.This summer I’m going to see my great grand parents in Thailand.I do not really mind all the changes I’ve seen.

  17. I gonna go fishing in the summer.Then I am going to los angles.I gonna go play with my friends.

  18. I am gonna study on summer and practice.I am gonna practice math.I am gonna be ready for fifth grade.

  19. this summer i will try to improve my math skills for 5th grade next year.i will try to do my best i can i will spend my free time playing.

  20. What are you looking forward to about the summer? I will go to Los Angels for a trip.

  21. I am looking over to go to all my cousins house and play in there big jumper.I feel ready to go fifth grade because I am going to go learn new things.I am proud of myself because I am trying my best this year and I am getting good grades.

  22. Looking to have a grate summer because it is my birthday. I want to go swing all summer long

  23. Looking to have a grate summer because it is my birthday. I want to go swing all summer long

  24. i feel so excited that we get to past 5th grade and i hope i have my friends like Jasmine,Hannia ,TRISTAN, GLORIA ,ROSALBA ,FAITH.OH MY WE GOSH THAT WE IS BECOMING 5TH GRADERS ,I’M GOING TO be LAUGHING.

  25. Why am I looking forward for the SUMMER? I will tell you,’cause i can’t wait to go camping! Also to go on my dad’s boat in the river and have a BBQ!

    this is my stupid year i am going to my cousin house at orville.after that i am going to reno.after that we are going to my other cousin house
    to nice sleepover.

  27. I am looking forward to go to my friend house and play.Also I am looking to go to 6 flags. And to have fun.

  28. I am excited about fifth grade,I’m kind of scare too because Mrs.Cruse and Mrs.Burger are so straight so that mean i need to work extra hard this year!!!!!

  29. I love summer but I do not like school. I have to go there anyway. It is my future.

  30. What have you learned this year that you’re proud of? What meant the most to you?
    I learned that if you believe in yourself you could make great things .I am proud the most because, I scored a high score in the start test.That why I am proud this year!

  31. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will go to my cousins house.

  32. I will be proud to myself years i will go to 5th grade.So i very excited.

  33. I’m very excited about 5th grade . I am looking forward to my learning skills . I hope
    I can pass this grade and move on.This summer I’m trying to study and try my best . I will try to come back with a smile next year. I will be proud of myself if I pass 4th grade and move to 5th grade. .