Learning Games & Exercises

Try these learning games and activities (you can only play these for the last fifteen minutes in Mr. Williams class):

Headline Clues

Into The Book


Free Rice



Academic Word List

Academic Writing

Linking Words

Academic Reading Exercises

These three games let you create private “rooms” where you can play against your classmates:

Gut Instinct

Mia Cadaver

Elemental (only lets four people play in one room)

S.A.S. Activities — Strategies For Reading

Go to any of these activities. Type in the code Mr. Ferlazzo or Ms. Hull have given you. Complete the exercise and email it to either Ms. Hull at or Mr. Ferlazzo at Mrferlazzo@aol.com

Reading Nonfiction

Reading Fantasy

Reading Science Fiction

Reading Short Stories

Reading Poetry

Reading Novels

Reading Folklore

Reading Epics

Reading Dramatic Dialogue

Reading Biography

Sentence Choices

Sentence Boundaries

Sentence Sense

Sentence Structure

Word Classes

Word Origins

Using Reading Strategies When Learning About Natural Disasters

Go to this New York Times page and find the “Weather” box at the upper right hand corner and find an article you want to read that answers your questions about natural disasters. Search anywhere on the web for articles about natural disasters (or go to Natural Disasters).You can also go to CNN. Once you find articles you want to read, upload it to bounce and demonstrate reading strategies. Then, post the link in the comments section:


Making Connections


Ask a Question