Taking a Stand Lesson 7: Thinking About What We’ve Learned

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Below are the learning goals for this unit. Please read them:

Students will understand that . . .

  • The idea that we have rights today because of the work of others in the past.
  • These rights affect everyday lives (where we eat, how we get around, where we can use the bathroom, being able to use the pool in the summer time).

Now answer the following questions:

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  • brandon

    1.yes 2.no 3.yes

  • Abigail S.

    Yes, I understood everything I was supposed to learn. Yes, I have covered all the materials I need. No, I don’t need to ask any questions. I have the clarification already.

  • Christy X.

    Yes, I understand. Yes it helped me understand more about it a lot. I don’t have anymore question because I learned a lot when I read and study like how Mary McLeod Bethune took a stand. She took her money and the other people’s money and made a school for African American girls. They called Mary the “Black Rose”.

  • Madeline C.

    I understand. Yes I got the materials. I have no Questions, but I learned the people who took a stand. Like Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, and a lot of more people took a stand. M.L.K.J took a stand to stop segregation.

  • See T.

    Yes, I understand what I’m supposed to learn. It helped me learn more about history. Yes, we covered them because now I understand more ideas. The question I still want to ask is why did the people that took a stand take a stand? What was their reason?

  • yengv.

    I want to learn stuff because I need a lot of money.I don’t understand hard ideas when it is hard.Taking a stand to get freedom so we could stay together.

  • vinai x.

    i wanted to learn stuff so when i grow up i could be a machenic.so that i could fix my own car.to make a lot of money.

  • Ricardo B.

    yes I do.I think. I have no question.

  • Dianal.

    I do under stand the things I am learning.yes I do think I learn that. I some times no a lot of stuff they are going to teach cause some stuff I already know.The Questions I have for taking a stand is do they get to tell people to march.

  • rosie v

    I think it important because you will not all be to hang out with each other

  • larhondra

    I understand it help me a lot because i did not know anything about taking a stand I leard taking a stand from here because if i leard it from some where else i would not understand it

  • destiny h.

    1. I under stand what I’ve learned in taking a stand.
    2.I think that they did cover all things we need to no.
    3.when they were making there speeches i wonder did they think is there life really worth this knowing that they were going to do this.

  • DayanaN.

    Yes I understand what we are supposed to do. Yes I Learned a lot about it. Yes you guys helped me a lot. I don’t have any questions.

  • Destiny G.

    No because I don’t know what were supposed to learn about.Yes because I know everything.I have no questions.

  • brandon

    yes because the civil rights are gust like my life.
    no but its is kind of it..
    no because i mostly now about it.

  • Mireya D.

    Yes I heard of these ideas.yes my teachers teach me a lot.No I don’t have no question about taking a stand.

  • leng v.

    I don’t under stand.If we change it.We will not be a life be know.

  • Lisa S.

    Yes, I understand. Yes, it helped me understand more about it. I don’t have anymore question because I learned a lot when I read about Indira Gandhi took a stand. She died by her 2 bodyguard.

  • Colby

    The civil rights movement is important because they helped us by changing things for the better. I learned this because the teachers taught me. I have no questions.

  • jimmyc

    yes i think i understand why they were hating on black people because the color of there skin. they couldnt use the same bathroom or water fountain.good thing that martin luther king and rosa parks took a stand because i didint think anyone will

  • aranza

    Yes I learned a lot of that because on the computer I learned lots of stuff on the computer so I really learned a lot on that stuff. Yes, I am really learned a lot of stuff about that unit and I still want to learn a lot more about that. Some questions I still have about taking a stand is why was segergation was just a bad subject that happened a long time ago when Martin Luther King Jr.so that was just something people a long time ago couldnt forget about.

  • Cynthia Q

    I understand the rights that we have today from the rights they had in the pasts. I think that I learned a lot about the past and the Civil Rights Movement .

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