Assignment #5: Children in Political Ads

September 27, 2008 by alicemercer · 24 Comments · Uncategorized

Here are the ads we watched:


The Real Threat

Changing World

Please answer these questions:

  1. Would these ads be the same without children?
  2. Are they make a factual appeal (an argument based on facts), or emotion?
  3. What emotions are in the videos?

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  • Jose.H

    I think it is not cool using kid. If they used adult it will not work.

  • Xavier M.

    It would not be the same without children in it.Yes it’s emotional.Emotion in this add is that they are not drug free

  • leng v.

    I thing is fact because they do not no it.They do not no that they are there.

  • yengk.

    I t would be the same because it would be alright.It is based on emotion because cause they don’t use facts.Some are bad and some are hope and joy.

  • Abigail S.

    If you take out the children in the video nobody will vote for him or her. Looking at that video I feel annoyed well I don’t like when kids are so noisy.

  • Madeline C.

    No, it won’t be the same without children. They make it emotion. One emotion is drugs and parents are scared.

  • Gordon y.

    I will vote for president ford


    The ads without kids would not make the same because almost only kids are in shows sometimes.It appeals emotion because kids are doing drugs.It feels motion because I don’t really hang out with my family that much.

  • Travis.H

    they wont lets use have a bad live what they what is for use to have good live but the show is not bad its was really good i hope i see a show like that again.the second one was good to it was not bad at all but a kid doing drugs is bad any kid that do that is bad lost there mind and that mean they wont have a live when they get older there live will be not thing but bad luck. the third one good to it was not that bad to me and the class it was good i think all people should this a lot.

  • isaac b

    they work beter becase teamwork.

  • See T.

    These ad will not be the same without children.I think it’s factual.The emotions in these videos, I think the videos mean hope.

  • marshaunne j.

    they have sad filins

  • Natali

    They won’t be the same.They put a emotion in their.People getting hurt and dieing .

  • Chaila J.

    No they wouldn’t be the same without children because children inspire parents to do more.They are making a factual appeal.It is emotional by people getting hurt and killed.

  • Starr C.

    I think they just use the children .I think they should not use children .

  • ShuanaZ.

    No it would not be the same.Yes they are showing emotions.They are showing sad emotions.

  • LoganS.

    I think it is sad because when they use adults it is with guns and stuff.They use children because they do nice things.

  • colby

    they made me happy so so happy.

  • Christy X.

    No it will not be same because there are no children. It will be different without children.

  • isaac b

    I thank the comorshols was jest wrung for prasted.

  • Lisa S.

    No, it will not be the same because their are no children.It will be different if they have children.

  • Yasmin B.

    No, it will not be the same because their no children.

  • DayanaN.

    The ads would not be the same because like more dangerous and that it is so not good .They are making a emotional fact.They are a lot of not fun but it is dangerous.

  • Daisy L.

    This add would not be the same without children because it looks more dangerous with kids doing drugs.The story is not true it is just emotions.The parents will get mad at the kids.

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