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Taking a Stand Lesson 7: Thinking About What We’ve Learned

February 15, 2010 by admin · 22 Comments · assignments

Below are the learning goals for this unit. Please read them: Students will understand that . . . The idea that we have rights today because of the work of others in the past. These rights affect everyday lives (where we eat, how we get around, where we can use the bathroom, being able to […]

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Taking a Stand Lesson Six

February 7, 2010 by admin · 24 Comments · assignments

Mr. Kurtzman’s class Like last week you will be working on research for the “Living Museum”. Use the links at the right, or do a Google search for information.  You should take notes in either a Google Document, or on paper with pen/pencil. Ms. Liemthongsamout’s class Think about a problem in your neighborhood or community […]

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Taking a Stand Lesson 5: Perseverance and the Civil Rights Movement

January 30, 2010 by alicemercer · 45 Comments · assignments

I want you to think back about our first unit, Perseverance, and to think about what that quality has to do with the Civil Rights Movement. Go back to this post, and read some of the comments, review the slideshow, and the video. Come back here, and pick two questions to answer: Do you think […]

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