Taking a Stand Lesson 5: Perseverance and the Civil Rights Movement

January 30, 2010 by alicemercer · 45 Comments · assignments

I want you to think back about our first unit, Perseverance, and to think about what that quality has to do with the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Go back to this post, and read some of the comments, review the slideshow, and the video.
  • Come back here, and pick two questions to answer:
    1. Do you think that the people involved in the struggle for civil rights (Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr.) and the people you are reading about in the Taking a Stand unit (Gandhi) ever felt frustrated?
    2. Do you think these people had to use self-control?
    3. Do you think they might have used any of the self-control methods we talked about?
    4. Why would self-control be important for people like MLK, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi?
    5. Do you think it will help you in your struggles to use self-control?

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  • Akire C.

    Yes self-control will help you if you use self-control. Yes it was hard because it was hard for black people back then.

  • Julieanna

    Yes it will for people who have anger problems.Yes because they were important to the world.this is what I wrote.

  • Natali

    I think it would help you.Because if they didn’t they would do things that were wrong.

  • Koua T.

    These people had to use self control because if they didn’t have it then they will be like so mad.It will help me in my struggle because whenever i get mad i just calm down.

  • steven m.

    Yes I think they did have self-control because of the racism. Yes I think they struggle to use self control.

  • richmond e.

    I think that the people did have self control to protest peacefully. I think that self control will help me in my life.

  • Jose.H

    I think they had self-control. I think they counted to 10.

  • Cristina E.

    yes because they needed to fight for there rights.

  • Natali

    I think it would help you.Because if they didn’t they would do things that were wrong.Yes it will because it will be hard for people who have anger problems.

  • josepz

    I do think the people had self-control in the civil rights.
    When you use self-control it helps

  • Monti.a

    Yes I think they had to use self control.And they proboloy used all of the self controle methods.

  • Cristina E.

    yes because if it wasn’t fair then I’ll use self-control.

  • Andre.M

    Yes because it would feel ashamed to feel like you don’t belong in that country.Yes.

  • Keith S.

    Those people had to use self-control like Martin Luther King used his self-control to give a speech to the whole world about his dream. He got shot but he changed the world with his speech. Self-control helps me when I’m struggling with something.

    • Travis.h

      So true that Martin Luther Kings use self-control on his speech for good reason and making every thing right for the world and other people who really care about that stuff

  • tyrek w.

    I think that he did yours self-control so that white and black can be with each other. I can use self-control when I’m in class.

  • Adriana R.

    I do think they got frustrated because they always had to sit in the back of the bus and never got to sit in front.
    I do think that they did have to use self control so they don’t get sent to jail.

  • Amairani A

    I think they had self control . I think they had to used lots of self control .

    • Adriana R.

      Well what I have to say is that I think you should write more but by the way I think it is true because they did have self control.

  • Yeng K.

    I think they did because it took forever for them to protest but finally they got their own rights. Yes because they had to control themselves from fighting with the government.

  • ROSA V.

    Yes I think it will help me to use self control because they could threaten you. Yes I think they had to use self control because a lot of reasons.

  • Yuruvith S.

    Self control will be really useful because if you use it you would show that you have respect and you don’t want to be mean.I also think that these people used self control because they showed that they could solve things with out any violence because they showed that they cared even though some people treated them with out respect.

  • Cristina E.

    yes because if it wasn’t fair I ‘ll use self-control to make people believe in what i believe in.

  • shelley v.

    I think that it will help me to used self-control when I struggles.Yes I think that they needed to used self-control a lot because they need to showed that they can solve these problem without violence and they also need to be respectful.

    • Yuruvith S.

      I agree with you people had to show respect and I also think that things should be solved without any violence.You are so correct about this, people should often show respect Because of now and days we see some people who are disrespectful to each other!!!!!!

  • Shauna z

    Yes I think they used the self control methods.It did help me control my self better.

  • Sonny.T

    They had to use self-control when they were beating them with a stick. Self-control is important to MLk because they keep on beating them.

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